The Individual With A Disability’s Core View on “Supports”

Part of Defining Me, Man-O-Festo, and narratives from The Hopeless Autistic works

While I am a family-type of person I have strongly advocated against the popular notion that individuals with dev disabilities should only have solely as family as supports. No typical adult sibling; should ever feel the obligation of “supporting” their atypical one to their grave.  Why should they be the only one taking out their sibling if the parents can’t? This also enables the family or parent structure to insist they are invincible and the “Super-parent” figure could  harm these individuals’ psyche as they age, no matter what intellectual capacity as they age. Every individual with any type of handicap should have the strongest support network, if one element fails, and there is nothing to failover to, this could cause a slew of emotional issues, mental health issues (yes they do go hand in hand with dev disabilities), etc.  For me, my family support has fractured and dwindled over the years, forcing me to go out of the bubble either attempting to create some “buddies” program myself; or seek existing programs.
Given my autistic condition (the label is technically antiquated, but who really cares, right), I’ve – myself- in my own words, described my own condition as “hopeless”. May I also add, that included in multiple instances for years. There had been many instances where I feel the the situation not the condition caused me to feel this way (“the situation is more autistic than the autistic individual themselves.”) It’s known that parents would characterize their kids’ condition as “hopeless”, but no one even reacts or does a double-look when the individual says it.  The reactions in people in respected power is so passive like someone whose a cold pathological optimist, it’s so unbelievable.
I could I see why New Hampshire is lagging behind, and wondered how this state was #1 in the first place.  Not finding social connections to people within some similar age range in the most populated part of the state is mind-blowing for me. And how this can’t be averted is way beyond my funding-grade.