Rest in Peace Melanie

Melanie has left us for good on Wednesday morning of June 30th.  She died in an apparent motor vehicle suicide this morning not to far from where she’s been living. While Melanie filed for divorce on Valentine’s Day last year, Melanie had no contact with me. State authorities spoke to me later that morning and it’s been a hard day. The rest of this post contains graphic narrative of her last moments, reader discretion is advised when you click on Read More.

Her death follows month of what would’ve been our 7th anniversary. We were together till her end, as the corrupted MIS Unified Court System had taken a case of an arbitration into a litigation, that was supposed to be quick with no discovery. 2 days before Thanksgiving of 2020, she was supposed to show up to court, then she never showed up. It turns out that Melanie was recently diagnosed for Stage 3 ovarian cancer. Since I have not had contact with the Clickford family out of respect that Melanie had sever ties before the divorce filing, that predates COVID 19 as well; I did not know about this till a couple weeks later.

With Melanie in the fear of loosing her signature brunette hair and the the complications of said cancer, she had been extremely erratic, such as being up late at night with, coming off as “loud but not distractive” in her apartment. She had recently lost a lot of sleep and was getting really concerned. Days leading up to the suicide, Melanie had received a welfare check, and was checked into a mental facility, with no concerns.

It seems like Melanie felt she had no other options. Her life was crumbling. I suspect she was in severe pain. It’s just before 4:30 am and what does Melanie do? She takes some sharp objects, she goes into the Melanie Mobile for the one last time, she puts said objects on the steering wheel. At the same time; she takes one of the sharp objects aiming it to her pelvic region (one could argue she was taking her anger at the area of where her cancer was growing.) Then the Melanie Mobile goes outside of Ctown, her wrist takes a slice, causing her to get distracted doing 65 on a 30 mph road, swerves into a ditch, the Melanie Mobile crashes, the airbag deploys, and the last moments was likely squealing; whimpering, cries and tears. It was so apparent that law enforcement made their note indicating salty and nasal fluids was all over the airbag. The radio calls from medic 1 saying it was more of a priority to preserve the body over the life was pretty hard to take.

She lived her life with Grace, but it no longer was at her last moments in life. This is not a way where such a girl should disappear like that. It’s confirmed that she had no suicide note, no goodbye notes, her iPhone was at home, along with her SCSI charmed necklace, and her cross she beared. She did carry her clutch.

Melanie felt near the end she was “socially rejected” she felt there was “no more purpose” and with the cancer getting out of control,  she felt that was the only option. Sadly her passing would coincide our anniversary month plus a day as August 1st approaches. 

I wished we broke up in peace no harm no foul. I wished Melanie would be part of some of my productions. Does Melanie’s passing mean I am on the single market looking for someone? I am not sure. All I am doing is trying to celebrate her life and apply her positive spirits into my day to day life. I have since had good days, and days I yearn for her.

I miss her more

I miss her to the moon and back.

Of which I will never hear again

I miss you even more

… to the moon and back! (following her signature gesture of half ring gesture of her finger circling the moon and backwards to the earth.)

This is not the last post of her. There has been so much lost, that it’s not even the beginning to unpack what people in Melanie’s life lost.


I’ll close off this post with her challenges to the people in her life that she used to preach. Oh Melanie you don’t know how much a void you left us today.

“Stay strong. Be healthy. Be happy.”  ~ Melanie


Weekly Zoo Note: There was a live stream on the evening on June 30th dedicated to her loss at 10:00 ET to the end of the night.

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