WMUR-TV’s Biased Content…

Yesterday on the top of News 9 at Noon,  WMUR-TV Manchester ran a “breaking story” that 6 state employees were arrested for sexual assault; I mean felonious sexual assault at the Sununu* Youth Detention Center, just past the WGIR-AM sticks. Kristin Corrosa was doing her liveshot in “Manchester” near Commercial and Granite (a/k/a outside the station’s balcony if we are not already so stupid to notice!)

*named after our current governor’s father, John H.

It makes me wonder really why the Granite State seems to not have white collared corruption in Concord. Is WMUR-TV insistent that the only offenders are low rank and file employees who have sexual interests? That some hack in Concord who could figuratively screw someone over could also be a felon too? We then report it if it has to do with rape?

Does anyone at the mismanagement there have a flying clue this kind of media they put out give the majority of it’s residents an image of males and guys; and some women are so sensitive to guys and males; that it’s harder to be a guy in the 603 because the FCC keeps giving you a FUCKING license to NOT serve in the “public’s interest?”

Stop treating every man as a sex offender, WMUR-TV! And FFS alive, start investing in enterprise journalism, and stop serving the public McDonalds grade journalism. We should be sick years ago for your reckless journalism!


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