Pondering Thoughts: Facebook Profiles for Business in 2021

This is a pet-peeve of me. Everyone else preaches to follow any platform’s Terms of Service. I think somewhere on Facebook’s TOS, you can’t use a profile for a business. I’m too lazy to read legalese that has more words than The Bill of Rights.

I see this very often in some select New Hampshire business owners, that are the majority of the population. Female. Older than 30. Maybe single. I think I know who to blame. That demographic. Unless they had a bad luck with guys or what, I don’t understand why the hell they can use Facebook Pages (which has been the defacto standard for Small Enterprises since I think 2009) and despite it’s complexity, it’s better for a business to be a page.

Another issue by separating you from the business is key. A person cannot be a business and a business cannot be a person from a corporate governance perspective. No wonder why if small business had to list on a stock market, they’d be put out of business with SOX violations.

Alright, that was too far, but most often people befriend individuals and not businesses. And that has been the defacto standard since Pages’ existence. I wonder if there is a bigger picture issue that maybe it’s not PC to talk about. Perhaps our media outlets like WMUR-TV Manchester, WZID Manchester, maybe the statewide newspaper has given men under 40 a bad rap as they are apparently sex offenders and creeps, and the two broadcast outlets in Manch tend to favor female audience? Males are the minorities in this state, and sadly the messaging that WMUR-TV and WZID over the years have given false female empowerment by making *professional relationships* harder, and some of the ladies I see on Facebook profiles just clearly shows an apparent social vulernabilities  that shouldn’t even be one to begin with.

In short, stop aiding and abetting Facebook’s total “users” and move your business “profile” to a Facebook fan-page. Businesses can’t be on Facebook, except for the Pages. So do that now, because your super-corrupt-but-private “profile” is a violation to Facebook’s TOS. Period. Full Stop.