Is Separation of Church and State Misread?

Written on Easter Sunday 2021.

This is written of the voice of God and Jesus Christ being forgotten in society. I am not a religious person, and I never pray towards anyone including presidents, etc. I do believe there is some spirit that may involve the former two.

In the last few years, it seems like the party of “Under God” has had more faith towards one man. The 45th President of the U.S.

I also believe the word “conservatism” or “being a conservative” to now be a completely dirty word. In fact I make it a dirty word by replacing “o” with “u” because their obscene rigidity justifies the vulgar spoof of the word. Conservatism is being spoofed from within.

There is concerns amongst the Bible-belt of lower fruit televangelists; or even the upper crust ones are really bowing down to someone in the Oval Office, and not up-there. I do not attend a church. I do not trust Baptism; and I feel many of the Baptist churches, it’s slowly becoming less of  decentralized church system; is not like the Catholic church per se, but the way they had preached politics, and in an instructional matter; it turns me away. I am turned off

The popular view of the U.S. Constitution that enforced the separation of church-and-state meaning the state (that is government) to not endorse a certain religion or faith; but the document was signed “In God We Trust”.

(more details of my opinions of how I came to this observations below plus some other cultish things masquerading as religion)

I think this issue is now moot after what has occurred in the recent years. HBO has ran a six-part documentary on Q-anon, and the cult that surrounds this alleged belief the elitists are doing really gruesome sex acts on the very young; and it’s covered up by the media and the government. The series is hard to tell whose behind it or what the story is, but the first-run of Part 4 was interesting and would be really sickening if the “Q” is posting from a WAN IP address of Steve Bannon’s or Roger Stone’s residences, of which the documentary had found some clues pointing that out.

It goes back to the former President. The man never seemed to have any spiritual values, and he has morals lower than a snake! If a Bible-thumping Christian is preaching pro-life, then why are they doing nothing to prevent the spread of COVID-19? Why is a pro-life President “chose” in 2020 to allow at least a quarter-million Americans to die from a pandemic, that has the combined deaths of automobile and the standard flu times three?

Did our founding fathers envision the “state” to become “the church”?

This is the issue I think people need to start self-analyzing if we have many Americans believing “only Donald J. Trump can save us”.  I do not think our founding fathers – ever envisioned that the state would become the church; and I don’t know if there is a way to circumvent it. Ironically, it’s stereotyped the lefties tend to worship government over something like God; however it’s even more ironic with the destruction of institutions that POTUS Trump did; it really does become a one man band, so what happens if both state and church are being destroyed by one man in the highest power?

I certainly believe what happened in the last 4 years is nothing to be proud about. We broke ties with our Western neighbors; we have agencies that can’t mobilize during mass violent events; we have solders and military members being thrown aside, despite what POTUS Trump would say; and many Trump fanboys and fangirls are very defensive. Unlike in the President Obama days, where if you critiqued the president, you’d be called a “racist”, you’re actually treated worse when you critique  Trump; it’s like the mob, if you are not loyal to a single man, you’ll be shunned or gaslighted.

I also believe the word “conservatism” or “being a conservative” to now be a completely dirty word. In fact I make it a dirty word by replacing “o” with “u” because their obscene rigidity justifies the vulgar spoof of the word. Conservatism is being spoofed from within. Being “a patriot” almost 20 years ago was loyal to all of our land, and our friends and neighbors no matter what side they were on. We all stood up and didn’t stand on one side. I remember the post September 11th world very vividly; and when we – as – Americans stood by the flag, we just stood by the flag. We didn’t flaunt it, it was outside our homes, and lit up in the dusks. It wasn’t carried in rallies and it wasn’t dangling in the back of a pickup. Nor was “TRUMP” flags underneath a flag pole for a home.

AM radio talk show hosts that used to boast “Preserving Borders, Language and Culture” are far from that now – even the man behind that tagline, Michael Savage is pretty tame compared to the other talk show hosts during the Trump era like the late Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, or even Howie Carr. The English language is either replaced with vulgarity; or tag lines that have to be fit into 3 syllables. Our culture is a hot mess, and some of the most triggered things the right is upset is not much different than what POTUS Trump used to do or say. All we care about now is apparently an economy and money.

Our political culture has become a religion, and the religion is now part of our States. The misfits have attempted to control our system. The government since 2017 ran by nobodies without being a knowledgable somebody. A “special person” or a “patriot” is just someone whose religious to one man.

Donald Trump may had crashed a wedding at Mar-O-Lago; but don’t be surprised to see others try to replicate the modern religion of conservatism.

While I talk about politics, it’s hard for me to discuss this to the world, because everything is so polarized. I get comments on my Vlobs on YouTube, that FNC is basically a liberal news channel, when still 96% of it’s 18 hour live content is tilted to the right.