#LondonderryNH Destroyed

A current project of destroying all of my sentimental effects from growing up in one of the largest suburban towns of my state is in the process. Nearly 3 hours of video has been captured and several gigabytes of raw video was ingested recently to make a cut of likely a 20 minute piece to be uploaded.

Where I live, my family lives is a tight neighborhood and a bonfire would not been suitable safety wise. I decided to destroy it with a shredder. With this, I can take the so called “ashes” back to where it belongs. On the other side of the Merrimack! 

This has been extremely difficult to do. I had kept virtually almost all known school documents, school work and most importantly art work, because I had been an artist since LEEP and at then Londonderry Junior High School.

These are peoplePeople I once “knew”. People I once thought I had a “connection” to to only find out years later it was all a fluke. A fully conincous  “dream” masquerading as an alternative reality. 

The raw video can be seen on Facebook, since my Livestream box decided to die on the day I initially decided to go live. My iPhone isn’t reliable in 50° weather.


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