POTUS and Tony Maurice Ayotte…

Disclaimer: Given the heated-situation of U.S. Poli to ensure this writer is not inciting any nefarious rhetoric: The story is on my father, the presidents are used as examples, and are not the subject matter.

I have not contacted named individual for comment prior to this writing.

In the last 4 years, I attempted to not subject myself to the latest faux pas by Presidant Trump, of which as of this writing was no longer the active president at noon Eastern today.

I bring up my father’s likeness because his surname is currently my legal surname too. For almost thirty-four years, I have been carrying the burden of his jackassery  I have tried in every measure to try to circumvent this via playful pennames, to changing the surname to an alternative relationship, that is ending; but will still at some point retain Clickford to become a legal ID…

I know a lot about my father from a single party – my mother; and recent years some of my paternal family members..

It’s believed the elder Mr. Ayotte…

  • Knowingly abused my mother verbally, orally, etc.
  • Gaslighted her, or attempted to redirect the blame of responsibility back at her
  • Talked degrading behind her back
  • Denied in almost every occasion he didn’t have intercourse causing the pregnancy
  • He never showed up at his parent’s residence in North Londonderry when counsel came for a “safety” check for the shared custody rights for him. (I had my own counsel at under a year old)
  • It was alleged by one of the aunts he was arrested around 1991 for refusing to pay his share of child custody. That aunt allegedly bailed him out without any knowledge of what they were bailing him out on.
  • A month after that discovering his infractions in the law; in of March 2019, when I posted on Facebook the reunion of my paternal aunt and grandmother; that apparently I had 2 half-siblings, of which those said adults was never aware he had another child with another female; throwing the family off guard. And who took the responsibility? Moi.
  • A strong appearance he has treated his elder parents as disposable objects, as the paternal grandmother since moving out of Ltown had lived with 3 of the children. This can’t be fully confirmed, but there is a strong appearance from the information, the innuendoes   and subliminal context that was ascertained during the initial reunion.

POTUS Trump is lot like Mr. Ayotte. A man who would deny any sexual relations. A man who would threaten with words (rather than false libel suits like Trump); a man who was always self righteous. It’s known from the ascertaining of information I got since the inital reunion in 2018 that he really is an asshole, and really hasn’t changed since the 1980s, and both the President and my father is everything I aspire not to be, and anyone who voted for this man either year to me is like electing my father. Dumb a sandy brick, barely smarter than a Lego brick. Abusive, insisting he’s better than Jesus Christ. And sadly, people think this behavior is OK in a “professional setting” (such as the Oval Office) and apparently not-cool in interpersonal relationships.

There is a reason why Joe Biden won for the most part, and won mostly fair and square. People forgot what a father-figure should be. People like my father are everything that’s wrong with this country.

There was no attempt to reach the subject of the story at the time of publication (that is my father); because it was very clear he wouldn’t respond for comment; cuz this writer is a busted fetus to his mind.