The Fear of Anarchy (Persons Lacking Self Control)

This isn’t your run of the mill, bloggy posts about my life. I know people don’t care about my emotions. I know people are quick to judge me. Those people could care less. But I care. 2020 was destruction of various personality types that would degrade in only 10 years, to only loose it in less than 12 months.

Keep Calm and Carry On. (For the love of gawd!)

I will not single out individuals but the types of symptoms of the lack of self-regulation t hat is often found in autistics; are really apparent in typical people. And it scares the living shit out of me because again factor the day to day autism lifestyle, the burden on holding up the typical population during a pandemic, a financial crisis and a new presidant, is really alarming.

The people I know are lacking

  • self control (preferring to use expressive state of emotions)
  • self-censorship (such as keeping implicit thoughts to themselves and express only explicative)
  • self-reflection (“Could I have done this better?”)
  • self-reliability (unable to do or enjoy something else because a place is closed or something is down.)
  • self-availability (deriving from the technical world; in the human element the inability to have their shit together 99.9% of the time)
  • self-resiliency (add reliability and availability together)
  • the inability to cohabit if the home becomes an “island” if SHTF.

This disaster could be million times worse. I am not a prepper, and not one of those paranoia types on National Geographic Channel; I certainly have a prepper’s mind. The ability to see signatures of potential risk factors probably made it easier for me to transition into a COVID19/Shelter in Place; it was only a matter of when. It’s the little things like stocking up to 14 days; its things like having backup plans. Things like trying to stay in your sandbox to prevent negative vibes replicating like COVID. It’s like driving a car; it’s a 20k lb deadly weapon if misused. We aren’t being killed by cars this calendar year, it’s freggin COVID and people’s lack of attempting to adjust the behaviors for at least ONE YEAR; and enabling fear and paranoia to consume an individual.

I think it’s safe to say that rational thinking, logical thinking, and critical thinking (and when I say this, I am so literally saying this lightly; you don’t need to be a robot to filter out fear vs. facts. Philosophical political minds won’t harm you; a pandemic that happens on average once a century does!

No reasonable perspective; by rationalizing thoughts without minimizing.

This lack of self-governance, personal responsibility, self-regulation, and accountability is the very reason why at Techie Crafts, we have moved to a new marketing campaign entitled Ctrl-UR self, just using a keyboard phrase that never exists to wake people up into the sheep mentality of excessive emotions, and obscene illogical thinking that has made this Coronavirus emergency multiple hundred times worse.

The Brits were onto something in WWII. Keep Calm and Carry On. (For the love of gawd!)