I intentionally misspell the office of the President of the United States. It’s intentionally to describe the person or the person in the most highest executive that has a more managerial or dictatorship type of operational style. Given the tense nature of our country in recent years, it’s more satire than being very literal.

Recently the office tends to manage cabinets, or make the office more complex. This type of style can also show a lack of empathy of other’s sufferings of their misdeeds of judgement, particularly on civil unrest and violence, or worse pandemics. Presidants I’ve noticed tend to avoid the issues and try to run away by showing less empathy from those very same misdeeds of judgement.

I have used this language statically for a number of years since our country’s governable style has changed drastically and multiple of men behind that office in D.C.

I phonetically say it as pres-i-d-ant.

I prefer to not refer to the office as such unless we have someone more presidential in the future.

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