…is there false votes?


… is there any malicious acts to count the votes?


…did they find ballots outside the middle of nowhere in Arizona?

I think that was planted

Will Donald J. Trump win the 2020 Presidency?

No. I do think he will get several electoral votes, but I suspect he will be short of 270. How much? I don’t want to go there. But do remember he won not on popular vote in 2016 too. The Electoral College votes are intended for the non college areas (hahaha) to support the constituency in the middle of nowhere.

… is there a possibility the counties that went red go back to blue?

Yes. I suspect that the way POTUS had treated John McCain before and after his passing had turned off many Arizonans and if Joe Biden wins Arizona; this is a referendum against Trump personally. If anyone who didn’t see the Blue Wave of 2018; that would leak in the general election of 2020; one would have to be naive.

It’s also interesting to note, that before Florida favored the case for George W. Bush in the year 2000, that he started to build a transition team before the final decision.

I just want to add onto what I had done on my 2 live streams this week. If POTUS DJT gets reelected, I think people need to consider the following:

  • We could be at a greater risk for any national security threats, often dismissed by the current regime.
  • Civil unrest (that often is inflamed by the current administration) will continue and people will get fatigued of the importance civil rights of which is been neglected by the right wing
  • The ongoing Coronavirus response, and a lack of a response team that was enacted by Presidant Obama will not be filled and will remain vacant. Presidant Trump and his followers will continue to run with scissors and put entire communities  at risk and refusing to learn from the 1918 Spanish Flu.
  • If you thought Qanon and other conspiracy theories would be squelched, we will be hearing it as a standard norm going forward
  • By the end of his second term (if something sudden were to occur with the recounts); we won’t have a governing body either overseeing, surveilling or monitoring: our money flow; our domestic and international security; our financial markets; agencies to oversee infectious diseases (or anything that gets into anyone’s mouth) then our postal system will be sold to the highest bidder like a UPS or FedEx leaving his own demographic in the dark for postal and package delivery services.
  • By cutting our trust in those very institutions; what’s left will be our “Law & Order” system will prosecute people that is popular to the contrary; and will only support low level municipal police and sheriffs and no system to hold those individuals accountable; oh and we have a nice 20′ tall wall that should scare off the Mexicans.
  • The NYS and U.S.’ SDNY will have to wait another 4 years to put him on their most wanted list for evasion and other corruptions in The Trump Organizaiton

The economy is not what it’s cracked up to be. For those fanatics who think he has done so much in the last 4 years…

  • Presidant Trump will continue to rack up debt our children and children’s children and their offsprings that was already a pervasive problem prior to.
  • POTUS will brag about the Dow’s gains “that no one has ever seen before”… do I need to say more?
  • Jobs will disappear despite POTUS bragging about how great he brought stuff back.
  • Farmers, coal diggers, etc. will get screwed over, but POTUS will brag about bringing empty jobs back.
  • Presidant Trump will not put provisions to protect employees, such as PPE during COVID19; he will not enhance working families to be compensated for family and leave; and many of the social-economic agenda will favor the upper end of the income bracket; because individuals who create jobs shouldn’t be punished by the government, but the “jobs” they create won’t value the lowest level employee.
  • Companies are rewarded for hoarding cash because they are too lazy to change the taxation system or the companies make too much money than they need. the FAANG gang combined have a market cap of $5T, and yet you wonder why our country is in debt and we have a crappy dollar system…

(I am not implying socialism or communism, but it’s kinda sad that no one spoke at all during this campaign season of what either candidate was going to do with the people who work in borderline poverish pay. The people who work very hard, get taxed so hard, and they have to make more hours to put on the table to then not feel fulfilled in society. People wonder why our country’s reputation has gone down over the last 30 years…)

If the Presidant gets lucky again, expect more of the same. Name-calling (e.g. Little Marco, Sleepy Joe, Lyin’ Ted Cruz), SCREAMING IN ALL CAPS on Twitter, having tantrums on Twitter; commentators blindly aware of the overall domestic issues continuing to preach and praise “The Man” that is the Donald; and more gridlock politically. Fanboys and fangirls instead of going to church, will go to rallies and pick up the coronavirus. People you care about will keep on believing in an empty guy’s “vision” of our country without a bulleted agenda to help “us” get to where “they” want to go to.

I suggest be careful on this ride; because you maybe going for a ride where you may get screwed over like a nasty cabbie driver or a sleazy car dealer. Please be careful what you wish for during this uncertain time.