#LondonderryNH Exposed – A New Serial Podcast

It was 2010. I had moved outta Ltown, as the youngins call it. I left without a reputation. I left confused.  Seven years later, I learned the hard way that insanity repeating the same practice with expectations of a different result. But without this insanity, I was unable to confirm the worse of people.

I decided in 2020, that ten years of my life was lost too, but unlike the previous decade, I tried very hard to improve, but the same repetition of being a cute little puppy abandoned off the curb in a downpour happened again. After some bickering with the mother… I decided to say fuck it, it’s time. These groups of humans are the worse in New Hampshire. It’s COVID19 and there will be for sure no reunion, wether it’s my own reunion or an organized one. These people literally in their mid to late 30s and they are still the same people when they graduated in the 2000s.

Introducing: Londonderry, NH Exposed: The Bittersweet Narrative of An Atypical, Small-town Millennial Soul and How He Became Forgotten by the Spoiled Typical Millennials

I was originally supposed to graduate in 2005, but after a botched transition to the Londonderry Middle School, I repeated 5th grade. The college graduation rate was at 89%.  Nearly all of the classmates I went to school, I never saw after 1999 again. And a vast majority of them never even returned close to the New Hampshire state line. Ltown was a historical mark for many of these people. Worse was their lifestyle. Traumatizing. I was ordered to respect my very own peers, but when these typical minded people were acting like frat girls; how in the fuck can I have any remaining respect to these people? Ironically my originating class once billed the group to “Stay Classy”. The Class of 2005 was a joke. No make it for the entire decade, thousands of grads being fools, stooges and real dumbos.  You sometimes wonder how these offsprings came to be…

What do they really mean?

How speech therapy taught me figurative and sarcastic speech and how this line taught me how not to be exploited by organizations and the people behind them. This cue in therapy is the line where I became a hyper-cynic person.

The podcast focuses on me, my story, my life, my direction. I own this story, and it’s time to put it out there.


There are boundaries for this content:

  • Go with an open mind: Throw away all pre-conceived thoughts or prejudices. Anything that is stereotypical of the host, could be far from the reality 
  • What may be logical for others, is not logical in my situation: For one example, I am expecting (very literally) this podcast will not get any attention with the intention it’s out there. Why? Because I have been around so many professionals who are beyond apathetic; why the hell would any rational person give a damn to listen to this garbage?  
  • The narrative takes place between 2000 to at least 2012 if not earlier or later. This is from a historical perspective. The emotions are from the past, and doesn’t reflect the present. I don’t pay attention to anything Ltown related, nor do I care about the Lancers. 
  • Those Damned Millennials!  The subjects are nameless, the individuals were allegedly “close” people; the group is Millennial aged. No names will be aired and no love-interests are in this story
  • This is not a Disney Story: The future is so bleak, there may not even be a positive ending. The thoughts will be raw. This isn’t for children. I will likely speak Vulgarian. This is NSFW material. Don’t listen to this if you have a vested interest. You have a choice, be responsible!
  • Institutions: There have been many failures to mitigate, prevent, and preserve any growth. Most of this occurred at least 3 facilities in the Londonderry School District and upper management. Again despite to the contrary (because I am well-known for this narrative), it has a different angle than I shared before; and also this is now a small part of the story
  • A Bittersweet Narrative: Not all is negative. There are some great things that are lacking where I live. Those stories will be mixed in without much identification of individuals 
  • Independent Editorial: Not that I am applying journalism in this podcast, but because I am not typical, nor am I of the same social strata, nor am I a parent, this lack of personal knowledge will help me be fair to tell this story.

As of September 2020, the podcast is being produced in a live-to-tape with limited editing unless for compliance reasons. There will be at least 4 major subjects, and probably be told within  50 minute cycles with up to 8 episodes. Upgrading to podcast platforms will be implemented in the fall.