Defending American Norms in Writing

I am an American, therefore I will not talk global-speak to the audience.

What is global speak?

  • Using UK English such as: using verbs as nouns (like “fifteen minutes left of trade”; instead of “fifteen minutes left in the trading day”), or singular nouns, passed as plurals
  • Using 24 hour time (and before you say it’s military time; I believe it’s called “military time” is because the rest of the world uses the time in 24 hours. Any non military American that uses 24 hours should be considered to be Anti-American.
  • Likewise using date before day, such as 21st of June, 2020.
  • Using UTC as the “host time zone” even if the host is not even in Britan

It’s all crap. And no I am not dissing other part of the world, Most of our media is based out of New York city; and the tech is based out of the southern tier of the Bay Area in California; the reader or viewer should underhand wherever the “base” is should adhere to their native language norms. If someone from the middle of France is so freckin triggered that doing opposite to New York-speak, (such as addressing 12 hour time, using Eastern Time/ET, talking a bit fast, addressing the date of this writing of 08-10-2020; implying August as the first series of numbers) then I am so very sorry if I offended them. But to pander to the rest of the world and put the host environment down to make 1 person in this globalist  s-it happy, I AM SORRY! I REFUSE TO PANDER TO LOWER STANDARDS!

Apple learned this the hard way back in the early 1990s when Apple published newsletters, print ones by the way, and ones that were sent “over the Internet” that meant email at that time. These were printed quaterly, on the seasons based in Cupertino, so after a Winter 1992 issue  was published, someone on the other side of the planet was triggered and sent a frustrating email implying that Apple was so American centric; that they caved in; instead of doubling down ( and should’ve stated) that Apple is based in California, USA and it’s based on their headquarters climate.

Not only Apple’s stupidity to over-sensitivity; although in Apple’s products then and now; required developers to have sensitivity. Documentation especially on the upper level conversation doesn’t require that sensitivity. Location matters, right, at least in some contexts, or is the Internet and communications supposed to be form a human interface level, blogging, and electronic publication supposed to be this place called Earth?

I like to be skewmorphic, and say I’m closing my thoughts just before noon (or 12:00) Eastern Time in the States on August, 10th, 2020.