Should you Abandon Apple? Yes?

Of course.

Apple’s flagship product for the longest time, the Mac or Macintosh is heading to a different direction. Given that Sir. Jonny Ive has left the company and Apple really insistent to give users a uniform and seamless experiences of two completely different technological platforms, the Mac will most likely not use Intel CPUs after 2021. Apple will most likely use their own chips which means the Mac will be more of an appliance again just like it was in 1984 when the original Macintosh came to market…

My commentary is midway through this live stream last night.

What does this mean to the Creative Professionals? Well if you ported yourself to a PC already, that speaks volumes. OS X since El Crapitan (opps macOS Sierra) has become a joke. High Sierra is completely a joke, and any apps made between Snow Leopard and El Crapitan does not work well, so does a serious Mac user use Catalina? Of course not! Unless you’re some YT Influencer.

Just like this writer gave up on Avaya in 2014 indefinitely, I’m giving up on the Macs in the long run. Where am I going? I have no clue, but of course, no transition does not mean a complete overnight format into say Linux because that would be ill responsible. I’ll cave in to Windows 10 probably by next year for minimal uses.