“Election Day” in Merrimack, NH

In today’s narrative, I thought, I’d share my thoughts with this alleged day in one of the largest towns in the state that’s not a city. More on the illegal use of “Election Day” in a few ‘graphs.

I’ve lived in Merrimack, New Hampshire for almost a decade; my family and I moved here for some specific reasons, a large selling value was the proximity of being close to Nashua and other areas east of the River. Merrimack, was historically known as a “big town” with a lower population than say Londonderry, which had one of the highest population centers.

When I relocated, the town’s population in 2000 was hovering around Londonderry, but an estimation in late 2010, put it at nearly 27,000 as a “projected” population count.

The rate of low income housing being built, and more housing, any attempts for open-space has gone out of the wayside.

Certain people in Merrimack have a certain distrust to the government. This is the majority of the town, because other than having a population second or third to Derry or Salem, the population is mostly “townies”. Worse people who have hyper-cynical beliefs that the town government is out to get Joe Doe from 127 Main St (we don’t really have a “Main Street”). In recent years, the anger amongst townies was Comcast. There was no facility for people to drop off dysfunctional set top boxes; and going across the river to just the other side of Hudson on 102 was too much for the people.

As this individual beat with a dead horse in recent years; the police department has a lot of doubt of their citizens, and we doubt them too. I’ve heard countless stories about their “tolerance”, some characterized them as “creepy” while my mother would feel that any critique is something you hear from lefties. No, it’s actually something to be concerned about, and we have to be methodical when it comes to criticizing any institution, which is not in the townie vocabulary; they lack logic; using passion instead. They use the lowest common dominator by following other higher level governments to “lead”; but yet can stick themselves down the citizens they serve; many of the top level management don’t even live in town!

As I mentioned with the Comcast situation; Merrimack residents feel that for whatever illogical reason, named Merrimack residents feel they are under attack, from the Town of Merrimack, to the New Hampshire Department of Transportation, allegedly targeting town residents by engineering the Everett Turnpike to specific in and outbound ramps to have tollbooths, so anyone from Nashua or Bedford would not have to pay a toll to get off the Merrimack exits. People with borderline paranoid schizophrenia felt that the NHDOT was targeting Merrimack residents, and felt entitled “Merrimack shouldn’t be paying for road work on 101 in Epping” despite unable to prove in public meetings that their 50 cents literally was being carried over to fund the Epping project, etc.

As you can tell Merrimack is very conservative, as DJT won president, and very few Democrats win here – just pointing out facts. The population is very Caucasian (where the hell is that Latino count is beyond me.) As a sidenote during the WHDH/Ed Ansin/NBC/Brian Roberts Food Fight of ’16; Merrimack was brought up in many broadcast circles because of the license of the Telemundo O&O (owned by NBCU/Comcast)…which again for five-hundredth billion time, the Channel 60 Merrimack license predates to the snowy UHF days of WGOT-TV, apparently the southern NH region was “The Golden Triangle”. Most people look overweight, old, and stuck in the past. It’s like going into your dysfunctional grandparents basement and it smells like the 1910s. Merrimack produces fewer grads than say LHS in Londonderry. You can tell there are more kids here; than older Millennials because there’s fewer of them; meaning that there’s a top heavy demo. In the case of Ltown, there was more underage kids than geriatric grumps; because of the Checklist of registered voters, which by the end of 2010, over 10,000 names were removed going down to 12,000 by 2011, with an overall population at the time of 23,000. By looking at the Checklist when I still was living there; many of the names were peers I went to school with who by that point were too-cool to relocate back to even Southern NH.

Now we go into a brief discussion on today, Election Day, which I still question the legality of a Federalized phrase in what is conflicting to what they call is part two of the “Deliberative Session”. Merrimack moved to the so-called Senate Bill 2 system that got rid of the open cry of annual Town Meetings, as coloring in an oval, and black and white choices was easier for the “voters” in municipal issues. While pandering to the lowest common dominator in 2006 by realigning government with a modernized charter; the town still has some odd ways of doing business. Many of the Town Councilors have no board experience prior to, it’s literally Amateur hour; they’ll treat anyone who has a brain as if they’re dumber than the man talking. The Town Council Meeting Minutes often is a play-by-play narrative written by a non-Town employee. Worse, on the School Board side, one member I’ll leave nameless would be so anal about the language, as if she (so I let something out of the bag) was so paranoid about people reading the record 100 years later. Notice how people from Rural America worry about the littlest thing?

I blame part of “the system” that is multiple government agencies for feeding in the paranoia of what is fact, people who work to survive. But those who work to survive want to be a contributing member of democracy, needs to understand how municipal government works; those who work in municipal government need to know what they are doing.

Many of the vocal residents have the lowest level of emotional intelligence; most are incoherent, and cannot be civil during a hot-topic issue. The Town on the other hand needs to do their job, and understand what the hell they are doing. The local media (that is the Union Leader and WMUR-TV Manchester) needs to stop giving the system the voice, and hold them accountable like how old school media works. By giving the system the voice, you’re creating propaganda.

America, New Hampshire and Merrimack deserve better.


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