2010s – The Distrust of the Millennial Generation

I sometimes mock them, but sometimes I wonder if I am mocking myself.  I have a hard time understanding people. but yet I can’t figure myself out.  I have an autistic condition, many do not. I work my ass off, but they don’t.

Maybe that’s where the line gets crossed between accepting them, and not trusting them.

I am talking about the generation born around 1981/82 to the mid 1990s. Sometimes known as Gen Y, many prefer to call them Millennials.

Millennials have a lot of quirky traits. We’ll start with personal then go professional as the latter is more disturbing.

  • Many are self absorbed, all about me, look at me, I won’t look at myself in the mirror when things go wrong.
  • Many need positive reinforcements, complements for everything.
  • They really love to have relationships with others on platforms like Facebook than to have a real end to end, face to face relationship. Try getting your old school friends on video chat on Messenger… doesn’t work.
  • They grew up on celebrity, the time of Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, the boy bands, Britney Spears, as their lifestyle was superimposed as “reality” to a gullible group of people.
  • They may claim to spend their monies on memories over things, but I dispute that, they grew up in the era slutty Abercrombie clothing.
  • Millennials have probably had more sex partners than relationships in itself!
  • Millennials are all about posting everything positive on social media, while giving the “friend” on the other end false taste of reality, but no one really likes negativity either even if it’s considered to be “realistic”
  • Millennials don’t like anything to be traditional. They also think the world began when they were born, with complete disregard to history, and the world existing before them
  • Millennials have continued their adolescent minds of I-Am-So-Awesome well into their late 20s. No guy or girl wants a person who thinks they’re all-that. Perhaps that’s why so many are single into their late 20s and getting married in their 30s.

Professionally, I have even more distrust with Millennials. This all happened in the last two months of this past decade.

  • Millennials are all about the idea, without the action. Millennials like to talk, talk and talk some more about issues, but have no roadmap to the solution. Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter or even worse the Nothing About Us, Without Us.  Without excusing them, perhaps their internal anxiety prevents them to actually talk about a way to solve issues…or..
  • They work hard…only when it conveniently works on their own self interests.  Millennials like to work on things that highly interest them. Hum, I think I remember in school for being punished implicitly for my “self interests”. Ironically if you’re are  a typical-developed Millennial; you can pretty much do whatever the hell it will make you get to the top and then have so many chances to blow your creditability only because you’re a “special snowflake”
  • Millennials love their groups: Teamwork, common workspaces with no assigned seating, “collaboration”, chat like emails, etc. is how perverted my generation likes to work. And yet, Millennials are accused for providing the worst work productivity in modern history. Perhaps if Millennials can stop insisting they are not in universities anymore, perhaps progress can be made.
  • Unable to take responsibility when SHTF.  Millennials and their group-think, collaborative mindsets, that lack any personal individuality or personal responsibility, they are unable to take accountability. Perhaps their professional lives validates why there marriage and childbirth rates are so low, because a relationship on a personal level validates some level of mutual accountability.
  • Jumping around: From careers to towns to cities. They don’t sit still in one locale or employer for that long. They are loyal to what the employer’s value is, not the employer themselves. While companies have frowned upon candidates who have less than 2 years of experience, well it was legitimized by my generation.
  • Bros., Bros and more Bros: Millennials love to treat their friends and co workers like they are peers, brothers or sisters (hence the reference of “Bros”). They insist they are equal and there isn’t much authority, but only then if it works best to their own interest.
  • They refuse to learn new ideas, insisting on their university education as the be-all-end-all. This only applies to a handful of industries; but likely inspired by their Baby Boomer parents.

Personally, Millennials hurt me. I don’t despise them, I just don’t respect them. Millennials have a lot to blame, because their own parents were grossly incompetent to even be giving birth to children. Boomers have selective tolerance, like the Millennials, they have selective work ethics, like their offsprings. Everyone is a winner, thank both their parents and some Gen Xers too. Settling for less, in the professional sense, I guess Millennials do give up hope. For friends, they like to use you for their own self-ego; professionally, you must bow down to them, because they are holier than any other previous generation in their own backwards mind. Not all millennials are like what have been described, some are worse than others, some have fallen victim to the social standards. 

Though Millennials are a perverse group of people who are selfishly selective to what they personally believe in as whatever they believe in is so important. In reality they are so far from it and they are professionally so incompetent.