The Hopeless Autistic: S*it I Don’t Tell MAN-agement, But Write in a Blog Post…

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You ask me what I want in a Day Program? Wouldn’t be great as a 32 year old to not have to go on a 12th grade school schedule? Those ‘Typicals can have some really cool work schedules where they go north when everyone goes south, and comes home south when everyone is going north. It’d be nice to start work when the sun is literally in the middle of the sky. It’d also be cool go out and socialize with open minded people before I go home so I can go home with a smile. But you always infer that I am supposed to be anxious, and depressed and be called out on it as if its my fault… like I choose to be obscenely autistic and be a badass.

It’s like saying when I lost my pet fish in 2014, I didn’t properly clean the tank to VERY pristine fashion and didn’t feed my fish for dinner not just at 6 o’clock but 6 o’clock zero seconds, zero milliseconds!

No wonder why I feel like a totaled car!

Managers are like goddamned professors and their effing philosophical minds…

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