All Business. All The Time.

I am more professional than that cable business channel in New Jersey.

I don’t have time to have fun. I work, in my own way. Up at 6:00 AM and go to sleep around midnight ET every weekday. Serving multiple constituencies. Trying to run a micro sized enterprise at home with family trying to keep the professional firewall between operations and living arraignments separate.

I have tons of Facebook-friends who we communicate through a rhetorical app. They have no interest in meeting me in person. My family is not my priority. I am in an age of my life where professionalism comes first more than anything else.

So in between diaper-changes in help desk work, I go to an adult day program given my life long condition and in between I do video production and upload some social media content that is over a year old because I don’t have the time to even do that because I have Techie Crafts.

Sadly so many people do not see the craft and hard work a single person has to do between CMS, and Techie Crafts. Even The Museum of Telephony and Enterprise Technology!

If people could understand how many constituencies I must serve at a 99.999% success rate, perhaps you could understand.

Till then I have to return back to work managing those constituencies – since it’s all about YOU!