The Failures of 21st Century Capitalism: “The American Consumer”

In a series of posts, I really want to question our capitalistic system where it’s so top heavy to capitalism, that I like to present a honest account of what this very same system that is causing erratic economical discourse that no one who understands both the markets and the sectors that propelled a giantic bull market since the end of 1987. Also to debunk myths of monopoly and the sick delusion of “competition”. I am not a politically religious person, so I don’t believe in socialism, but I can also empathize the US enterprises that are big for a reason. In short, my view is America thrives better in a capitalistic system (meaning it favors business building, but it includes a rational view on taxation and regulations, and unlike socialism, the government shouldn’t be micro-managing the large enterprises.) Small businesses to me are dishonest, and some are are highly valued companies that didn’t scale corporate governance to the Fortune 500. (Yes I am talking about Facebook.)

I am putting a single trigger warning, if you can’t except a rational examination of our 21st Century economic system, then please avoid reading this, as you could be subjected to religious political philosophy, hearing the sermons of some “talking head” on two major cable channels that claim to be a cable “news” or “business news” operation that have Hollywood “searchlights” in their logo.

Is “The American Consumer” to blame?

The lowest level of this “free market” starts with the “consumer”, “end user”, “end customer”, etc.

Over time, pundits have tried to make America some figurative symbol, such as the “All American, Blond, Blue-Eyed” living in the deep south and listening so some country music. Another metaphoric stereotype of America is: The consumer. With a dollar in his pocket believing that if there are many choices in this country, it will drive costs down, and a dog-eat-dog culture amongst commerce will better help this American. The American consumer neglects to realize “companies” are mostly “brands” with products made in a single factory or a parent company that owns multiple “brands” but the consumer could care less because there is “more” on the shelf’; it’s “good”. It’s in reality bullshit and as a result we as a society have been brainwashed.

Let me tell you what kinds of options for say cloud services:

  • Microsoft’s One Drive
  • Google Drive
  • iCloud Drive
  • Maybe an AWS service.

Oooo choices, for real? What if one of these four consumer grade cloud services co-locate and sharing each other’s services? Where is that “choice”? And why are all these “brands” using the same noun? Google Maps, Apple Maps, Microsoft Maps (sorry fake business) Clickford Maps (opps, ditto!) So in real life: there are only two major brands to chose from? And what are the differences? They feel there’s a need to “look the same”…why not have a brand? Why even have a service? Why nix competition? Where’s the anger?


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