Respect the Tech – The Tech Will Respect YOU


Today, I was with millennial aged professionals who have no regard to understand not even the basics of IP networking. No respect to Cable TV, no respect to wired Ethernet. These people choose ignorance as bliss, and are cutting costs and reliability, by also buying potentially dangerous cable modems with bad security codes. The husband of this unnamed individual called Comcast’s technical support to say that the consumer-grade wireless service working.

I never call non technical people “stupid”, because I could be technically one myself if coders or other engineers that could look down at me in an arrogant way. I am really disappointed that people I respect refuse to understand the abstract; however it could be expected I understand human services from their view. Kinda a one way street.  This is why I am no longer actively involved in IT especially dealing with techs. I am in IS, or Information Services because I respect, the technology, this requires some smarts, no technology that is “simple” is reliable or even secure. It requires a craft, a very skilled knowledge and mixing telephony and data, which historically required a right brain and a left brain. Few people are ambidextrous when it comes to telephony and IP networks being a single technology.

‘To explain this – to be blunt to “dumb it down” takes hours of a “lab”, a room to test the equipment, take apart a documentation and reword it for a user to understand. The way to deliver the information, project notices, updates to the status of the system. This requires some professional business knowledge (most “technical people” moan and whine about), and the mindset of a technical professional, to give that “end user” the most simplest way to do the most on an information system.

CliMG does not advocate slavery-like language such as “end user”, they are not leachers, if you properly educate them and not slam a device forcing them to go on the Internet that may not be relevant to the device. Feature Access Codes can vary from one system to another.

Guide the user to the direction that leads them to their outcome. Instructing them takes more time out of your day, and they’ll be dependent on one way and not be able to learn more. You give them a candy trail help better them.

Men need to be fired. Control Freaks belong in jail. Women need to take control, IT Departments must be disbanded. IS Departments must come back, with a code of ethics, and a focus on the user, and eliminate the 30-year-old-IT-mindset of move-fast-and-break-things. Deploy both a nuts and bolts with business goals. Staff (“end users”) should be able to understand DNS, DHCP, WINS  in one sentence w laymans terms.

IS Departments should have time to allocate, testing devices from a user, and have proper communication and notices, (communications in the information sense is much different than a technician dealing with communications systems, it’s an oxy moron.)

Clickford Media Group is vowing to change this by sunsetting IT and saying hello again to Information Services.