RAW AND VULGAR: Weekly Zoo – Federal Courts Analyzing a NHite Arrested for *criminal* Defmation

Tons of NSFW language. If you’re offended, don’t listen. If you are a member of state and local government, don’t listen. In New Hampshire, it’s OK to be Conservative Republican and not enforce Live Free or Die if you are a member of Government.

An Exeter, NH man was arrested by a local police department because he said strong words to a named former chief of police. This reminds me too well of what I had dealt with in Merrimack, NH 4 years ago with the then chief of police. (And I had a criminal report filed by said department head)

I could care less about police. If I called 9-1-1 I could be arrested. If threw rocks as a self defense, I would be arrested before some man in blue came to my house. And too many municipal police departments in New Hampshire are functioning like intelligence agencies.

I guess my local Eff Bee Eye will be coming to my house because I went too far in critiquing a public sector agency.

It makes you wonder why so young people hate the state they grew up. That bedrock has so much disgusting oder of rigid politics would make you vomit.