Is “AKA” a Professional Phrase? NO IT IS NOT!

I am getting really tired of this startup, bro culture of scruffy guys who can’t tie a goddamned tie anymore.  Screw the hoodies, and the peer-language and nerdy words in the mainstream.

So how in the hell can “aka”, “a/k/a”, “AKA” that means “Also Known As” be unprofessional?

Because it’s slang! It’s as if you talk to your friend! AKA is synonymous with an “alias” in case you didn’t know. But I don’t like hearing it because it often comes from a nerd who is trying to be cool but he’s trying too hard. Also it comes off condescending, often pushy and aggressive and trying to win a debate. It’s quite often the male culture  to push, and convert, and if you don’t like his views, he’ll keep on pushing. Like how he want’s to get a girl to have sex, and he just rapes her…

I find this AKA even on install screens to Linux. Do these coders NOT know to use parenthesis? Oh I get it, these nerds are hyper focused on coding, that if you use parenthesis, it will mess up their workflow from coding vs graphic design! Perhaps that’s why they have to speak in flat tone because if you use a “question mark” in writing, they’ll do the same in coding which would screw up a program!

I am on a trend to gut guys balls and hold these bros accountable. I hate frat boys, I hate coders, I hate guys who are lazy, I HATE MEN!!! WRITE MORE LIKE A PROFESSIONAL AND PERHAPS I WILL TAKE YOU SERIOUSLY!

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