A Facebook Update

Over the last 3 days, I’ve taken time off to “disconnect” from online from other-people’s-issues to divisive political postings, and other people’s successes I will never have. I know that I may had put an emotional burden to others especially in the last month or even before Christmas. Some have not accepted my befriend request perhaps because of my demeanor that I never had full awareness of lacking self controls on emotions until 2016. I am also disconnecting from technology because I am tired of feeling like others are entitled for immediate response of me, feeling a bit exploited and will not tolerate that in the go-forward basis.

My life is going on a severe change to a new definition. As a result I will not be using Facebook the way I have. Given the really dicey corporate in-governance of the company, and how they lock you in as always signed on, I am getting creeped out. I also don’t feel it’s best that I am on and depress others while I am in a heightened stress. Also I feel it’s highly unhealthy to have Facebook-friends and empty promises.

AS A RESULT. I AM NOT CLOSING DOWN MY FACEBOOK. I am not falling onto a bandwagon of pissing on social media and looking all good by saying “I deactivated my Facebook and never looked back” attitude. I will not be as active on the social platform. This also means, that Messenger conversations may not be answered immediately. 

The Primary and Official Facebook profile is steven-dot-clickford-dot-7 (replace “dot” with periods) will be the official place to find me online. Like I said, I will not be as active as I used to. Over time Instagram and other platforms will slowly be less active.

I still believe in the concept of social networking and social media in the long run, it’s the platforms that owns the entire industry that is the concern.

I am also on the awareness that I may not have meaningful relationships – at all. I have to radically accept that and move on. I may have to settle with Facebook-friends as a poor man’s “friendship”.


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