Thoughts on “Check the Box” Liberals/Moonbats/Democratic Party

So I don’t come off as a “bleedin heaht liberal”, here is my views against the NH Democratic Party, and the national DNC as a whole.

In the fairness of not being titled politically, I thought a followup post should be in order to focus on the New Hampshire Democrats and their rigidities. Despite living a county north of Middlesex County, home to Cambridge, Massachusetts and the universities that plague that region; we are going to just stay local.

I’ve perceived the Democratic culture to be at fault too. No one will ever own up to this. Almost every person I know whose active in the advocacy leans far to the left, and will often recite whatever the “leader” tells them and repeat whatever that “leader” tells them.

The right is easier to criticize because their actions are easier to explain. The left lives on theories, and styles, and they are not as explicit, and in order to understand them you have to get into an overkill of their style to fully get them. (Or not!) The Democrats, liberals, Moonbats have even a more scattered trail mix of ideas, and it’s your job to clean it up!

I have not been in encounter with any of my neurological peers who have an opinion or a challenging view. They repeat their views that seems to be centralcasted over and over and many times over.

In 2012, the state’s politics in the special needs world got very heated when the General Court had pressured the Department of Health and Human Services to contract out the oversight of the entire Medicaid system, including funding the day services. Most people were not interested in the bashing of the then commissioner or pushing a large group of people during a weekend conference to sign their names on a large banner to try to convince the General Court and the Executive Council, to reject the proposed law and or approve the contract (the former and latter bodies respectively).

The Democrats, liberals, Moonbats have even a more scattered trail mix of ideas, and it’s your job to clean it up!

This is where I began my style of self-advocacy in a committee for one of those annual conferences. I am leaving specifics out because of the fear of getting into trouble mentioning organizations or people by name in a critical matter. I was there till about 2016. Part of it was I looked like someone who couldn’t fit into a very liberal group of people. Anyone who was in the center was not well respected. Many were Obama fangirls or were “for her” a couple years ago. Politics got more discussed apparently after I left and sources familiar to the matter telling me the situation.

Many of these people who lean left are automatically construed as “special interest groups.” For any sane person, if there is good intent (which often so many do not) there wouldn’t be much stigma. The reason why the special interest groups have a stigma, is the “leaders” in that system tend to keep to themselves, not have other political views other than the very narrow focused interest. Initially special interest (err. self advocacy) was not like work, but as time went on, as it became such an isolated topic to talk over and over, including backass politics, it became apparent to me that I didn’t want to be part of a clique or an inside group or a club that went over the line of what should be such a group.

The right is easier to criticize because their actions are easier to explain. The left lives on theories, and styles, and they are not as explicit, and in order to understand them you have to get into an overkill of their style to fully get them. (Or not!)

With any political interest, is a bubble, and if you have differing views, then you’re blamed for breaking the bubble. Mavericks were never encouraged.

Unlike conservatives, the liberals in New Hampshire tend to focus on multiple one liners to spread their agenda, however their rigidity is common as well. How? Well it’s lengthy because that’s how the roll!

  • Everything needs to have a purpose: Liberals love their datapoints. You have to find ways to politically seduce them. Most often in order to have any activity, there needs to be a reason. A very well written, overkill of a proposal First off, one would have to almost write a business case to get permission
  • Everything must have an “educational” value: This applies to anyone, young or old. This reminds me of the E/I mandate by the FCC to TV stations since commercial stations didn’t run programming similar to PBS (the non commercial), so as a result for fairness, they got rid of entertaining Saturday Morning cartoons (and hey didn’t ABC have Schoolhouse Rock too?) in lieu of really lousy third rate educational and instructional programming. And every comm TV station has to file these paperwork as a “check the box” method
  • Everything must have an “instructional” value – The left wants to take care of you from cradle to grave, the reason how “the system” will continue to take care of you is to make you further broken. Recently I have discussed the focus on “instructing” people to the point where they can’t speak for themselves. If you do this at a young age, no wonder why they feel powerless, because the state has control of you (mildly of course!) Check the box mentality yet again.
  • Improper use of Compliance – Compliance is not only the unit that ensures boxes are checked, these people should be acting as a conduit between the legal, the boards (legislatures depending on the level) and the rank and file. Massachusetts’ Department of Education is a disaster in the compliance level, because the people who have to file boatloads of faceless students to faceless hacks, is wasting critical resources and putting a bigger strain on the services that this very same group of people want to “support”. There is never any checks and balances in if a school district is working efficiently and often any compliance/paper trail is often going to against the teacher, and not the interests of the student. This same shtick is now applying to general ed where teachers are no longer teaching but “managing the curriculum”. At the same time, on the adult level, more direct supports have to file daily reports, monthly reports and other frequent documentation about their clients they serve.
  • Consequences of the Left’s use of Compliance – Nowhere in the public sector has the same rigid regulations to publicly traded companies. Attorney Generals rarely prosecute school districts, towns, state agencies for lack of providing management reports, or anything where “the adults in the room” are not being held accountable. Thanks to the exploiting the privacy rules of any of those acronym laws, the Hack bureaucrats can skidaddy in any wrongdoing, and the worst offense is just a simple reassignment to a job in the public sector. The saddest thing is how compliance that does exist often hurt the disabled, and further disables them but because it’s feel good, compassionate, Big Mother (Big Brother doesn’t make sense) looking out for her children, the left has embraced Big Mother, Big Teacher, Big Paraprofessional, (not inferring that they are heavy or overweight people  thank you very much!)
  • Defensiveness to Job Security – the “Pinky Ring Union Thugs” as some Boston area columnist would describe, the Hackerama, and union public sector employees want to have a job. If so many people with special needs became more autonomous, this would put the professional mumma out of a job. It’s by nature that these people need help forever, so they have to “engineer” ways to keep these people employed. A lot of this is just making them broken goods for the sake of it.
  • Advocacy Groups have a Job thanks to the Left – While families don’t have many options for services, as that marketplaces needs competition, the self advocacy  groups, from parent support, to self advocates, to family support to legal support organizations, they are having a disruption to their industry, families are more smart and are connecting in different ways, and by nature, better advocates given a change in society (despite there’s still a lot room for improvement.) Because they have nothing better to contribute to society, one can argue antiquated regulations, the lack of them to adapt to “change” as they like to preach, and refusal to see the social progress that they lead, they are not interested in retirement anytime soon. My observations is that they are stuck in the past and are not accepting the change they lead, and not interested in new challenges well documented on this site.
  • 3D’s Deflect, Defiant and Defend + Denial – These people are no different when it comes to deferring responsibility. They can’t play tennis professionally, because they would the ball on their court and not do anything!

Unlike the right, where simple policy, the abstract, the pragmatic views of society has hurt my groups of people; the left as at fault too. Too much technical language, too much oversight in the wrong aspects, and often giving the powerful more power and authority and disabling the disabled through the means of regulation and very 1984-ish practices. The motherly woman running some bureau or agency is not a God, but my group has been programmed to bend over backwards to please the princess or queen of service delivery.