The “Auto Pilot” of Conservatives and the Pro “Have-Nots” Policy in NH

Plagiarized, but adapted from my own site, that I rarely disclose publicly because it had been very controversial  to the people closest to me. So I had been publishing it since summer of 2017 to the end of this summer. The focus is on the hard right in New Hampshire that includes my group as an example to their rigid ideals.

Conservatives is rather amusing to witness their complete disregards to people not like them. New Hampshire is one of those states. There is right, then there is far right.

Relative to this site, autism and autism issues are often neglected by the right; the left and Hillary have or do, but exploit them for votes. With other social crises, conservatives wait till it’s too late because it’s in their interest to be low key and not jump and go through an obscene logical process to verify if there is such an issue politicians need to do.

Conservatism is a trail mix that consists of the following

  • Strong belief of defense on a national level
  • Strong support to anyone in uniform (police officers, departments, etc.)
  • Displaying figures of authority,
  • Deflecting any responsibility as a personal one (which works OK in some instances, not so for many others)
  • Obsessed on “big picture” issues that impact a lot of people, economic growth is much more important than trying to develop integrated job programs for hopeless autistics to ride the waves once and for all.
  • Putting a conservative narrative and doctrine as a flight plan and put the plane on autopilot and never turning it off despite when turbulent times comes around (whether it’s political or economical) It’s the defense of run at full speed to reach to the destination of Prosperity (whatever the hell that means.)
  • The theme is defense, defense, defense. Basically gridlock, gridlock, gridlock and more of the same because “defending” the same ol way always works (in their minds.)

As you have read early on, the system failed to prepare for the autism crisis as far back as the early 1990s, and enough warning bells went off at that time, and those sirens made state Hacks tonedeaf. Why is this a crisis for new readers? Just because autism is so unique and has its own challenges from one person to another. Regardless of ASD being once part of a pervasive developmental disorder, treating them like a chronic child is actually more of a strain as a whole, because that person will most likely be unable to do anything because the staff who are used to dealing with low functioning/ hopeless potential, and wouldn’t know anything different.

Other conservative beliefs against financing autism related services would be (for an example of many social injustices they aided and abetted):

  • “Tough luck, the real world is tough, deal with it. If you don’t want to adapt to how ‘normal people’ cope, then live in your mommy’s basement till she passes than you’ll man up” (completely stereotypical)
  • Churches and other private institutions should step in: OK let’s go to a congregation to finance wheelchair vans, to fund day to day services, where people need specific training, to finance after hours day program services? Churches are cheapskates. They’ll fund a portion of someone getting laid off, or if their house went to smoke, or whathave you. Churches are not a long term financing system. Autistics are slow growers, who may take years if not decades to get their feet off the ground, not days or months!
  • They have to wait till there is enough people that are in a situation to start funding – a reactionary response that they would mock “bleeding heart liberals” for doing in the first place. Addressing autism in NH was completely a reactionary approach
  • Conservatives like liberals want to feel good. And how they feel good is actually empathizing the small business owner, or that rank and file worker; and focus on people that have been relatable since the dawn of time. They are the majority, and autism is a minority, and that job is left to the liberals. Or should I say “Tax and Spend Democrats”.
  • Conservatives choose to ignore how to help people, and how the welfare system works, beyond the  monthly checks, or EBT deposits, or what have you. While services bear the “Medicaid” brand, it’s a lot different than said short term intentional funding.

It’s not just politics, but also governance. A conservative governance, in the bureaucracy can be even more damning. In the last three years, I learned that bureaucrats can have a tilt, when they shouldn’t…

  • The 3 Ds – Defiant, Deflective, Defensive.
    • Defensive – They won’t take any personal responsibility themselves (or to their corporate responsibility to government) , but put the power on you where you don’t feel like you can. They won’t help you but you are paying their salary or you elected them to office.
    • Deflective – throwing another agency, department, organization or board to deal with the issue. This can actually be not-cool thing to do because the deferring party may have no obligation to do anything. Sometimes, it gets deferred to counsel.
    • Defiant –  These are the rules, and I will not go further “Please expect no further communication from me on this matter” or “This is my last email to you on the matter”. Jezum  you think you think you’re some police officer masquerading as a town manager.

Democrats and liberals often respect authority, and someone else telling them what to do in this state. Often these people would come off as conservative in their style and leadership approach.

Conservatives in this state, will relate to anyone who makes the same amount of money, that served in the military, and their same skin color. If you are not one of these people, you fall into “go to a bleedin’ heaht liberal” instead, even if you don’t like how they are so regulatory in the system that wouldn’t help you ether!

New Hampshire was always a red and blue state, acting like 9 year olds in the Concord circle, it’s just gotten worse as their rigidity has made things more divided.

A typical autistic is the one that’s hurting because his services are simply against the popular narrative of 1930s conservatism.