Happy Election Day

Today is the day to vote because our geriatric Secretary of State believes “early elections” “cheapens” the elections (Union Leader, circa late 2016). BTW many department heads at the New Hampshire government is NOT elected by you. Save that for another day.

Just in case you are being suckered into vote an entire party, do know that is meddlign with the elections. In the jury system, they tell you not to rely your opinions on the media, well please refrain from voting based on what Sean Hannity, or any commentator on any cable network after midnight Eastern Time to 11:59 pm Eastern Time. Vote on what YOU believe that impacts YOU. Not your friends, not your family, not what you think should be the greater impact. People are selfish in real life, but selfless in the booth. The logic makes no sense.

Meanwhile I am very unhappy with our two parties (as well as the creepy carpetbagging Free Staters…)

Why the Republicans are a Joke

The Democrats are a Lost Cause

And a later time why cable news is dangerous to democracy

How the local media lacks holding the real power accountable

And why SB2 (the municipal “elections” destroys democracy in the form of enabling lazy voters.)

Celebrate the freedom of voting based on the responsibilities of voting for the right people based on what YOU believe and HANDLE the consequences if a pol is doing the WRONG thing despite acting as if he’s “RIGHT”.