Dial-A-Phony – PhoneWire.com

In today’s installment of people claiming to respect one of the oldest social mediums in the form not just being hip, but to peeve on it at the same time.

The Missouri company called PhoneWire.com is the offender. The Instagram account not only ripped content w/out consent from me, but also Joe from Chicago, behind the joetheucxguy.com site (or “blog”.)

He ripped Joe’s site…


Then MINE, from The Museum. An iphone  capture of an AT&T Merlin manual that was clearly  taken by me is no longer there after reporting “hate speech” to Instagram legal last year. Why did i say “hate”? Look at how he pissed on the  ComKey! In the now ex Merlin photo he basically said in 1999 when the Asterisk came out it put the Norstar, Merlin and others out to shame. But it really took a decade after (because no product ever breaks out on the same year or even decade of coming out. Jesus…)

This guy is bipolar…





Then… blaming the victim – oh I meant blaming the user for not having choices and forcing them to adapt to cloud service that if the FBI raids “someone else’s computer” perhaps there may not be dial tone? Does anyone know the mess of Zoho in September?


Lastly, if anyone wants to have F2F communication, this prick even makes sport of them. He’s like “it’s your fault for not using the smartphone the proper way!” My freckin gawd. He tried to follow my Museum, but I ineffectively blocked this son of a bitch!

If you do not want to be mildly shamed, then do not communicate/try to follow/etc orI will rip your ideals to shreds! This man must be some Millennial who believes the world began when he  was born and if anyone doesn’t subscribe to his litteral ideals, then “in the past”, and other one line attacks that IT guys love to do because you know they rape women off the clock…