Steven is Out of the Office

I wanted to post a quick note here since I have noticed unusual hits yesterday and Tuesday as well as these hits were on unusual trafficked pages as well. I also have not had a lot of time to follow up as well as the social media posts have been used lower than average lately. I do not want to single a person out, or a group out specifically or disclose what hits were triggered recently, other than I feel a bit creeped out that someone could be monitoring me in ether a troll like matter, or in the legalese way. I say this because it has happened twice in the last year, and I am only speculating.

Because of some loose ended posts recently, I wanted to disclose that I am currently unavailable for the foreseeable future. There are a lot of personal struggles in my life right now. Along with the recent self discovery, and other concerns addressed to me, I probably won’t be active here for a while.

And because WordPress gives me basic statistics, and seeing the hits, I felt I should come clean and explain the reason why the site has not been updated and there will not be any plans anytime soon because I have a lot on my plate and I do not have any muscle to keep holding the world around me singlehandedly.