What I Get Left Behind Handling Tier 1 Repairs

Since I had just mentioned my Day Program Problems, let’s look into how far behind I am helping out able bodied tech savvy people

  • IP Surveillance Camera system (Implementation began in July 2015 – No Completion Date)
  • SIP based Telephony Service, in house  (this kinda changed over time) – (Implementation Date April 2016 – Never was completed)
  • Single Sign On for intranet, WiFi (RADIUS), via Apple’s vintage Open Directory 10.5 (Pilot 2016, Implementation 2017, full cutover 2018, but due to a bug in the administration, it hasn’t been fully complete)
  • Routable LANs, migration from “flat”, but seperate VLANs (Mid 2018 to present, estimate time of completion Start of 4Q 2018)
  • SharePoint/content management database of multimedia (this is how the New Instagram profile has content), decided to use Apple’s Wiki service for the 10.5 Server, since this is an internal server in the first place. Simple but has a nice databse. Piloted in 1Q 2018, due to server corruption, it has been halted)
  • A share to stream movies for the ol woman to watch if her iPad is too full. (NON BUSINESS RELATED, and has been delayed because the complex process of DRM-based media.) Because of this non business matter, this is not a priority.
  • Help Desk Ticketing System (envisioned as far back as 2011, a pilot project began in 2016, a form was designed in FileMaker Pro, but never was fully completed, due to the ankle biting Tier 1 requests.)
  • Fixing broken printers (2016/17) – with some cash perhaps both can be completed by end of CY18.
  • ERP – to track my money, purchases, etc. 2011, never went to fruition
  • Web filtering, and proxy – End of FY 18, but due to a firewall breach on my Netgear, the project has been delayed.
  • The Museum of Telephony, adding content of article length? Life got in the way bitches1

So if you want a better outcomes for ACCOUNTABILITY, COMPLIANCE AND TRANSPARENCY, Tier 1 Requests, whether it’s frivolous or not, in an excessive manner will just delay very important long term solutions. This is akin to calling 9-1-1 for breaking an ankle. Before you contact Tier 1, THINK BEFORE YOU ACT!

Now I am an official grumpy sysadmin.