Figuring (Err…Figured) Out my Broken Self

I had been off for most of the summer. While I have been very active and busy, I’ve also been suffering depression (the oxymoron.) After a couple of months, I figured out why. In fact it was a night last week where it call came together.

I am not “crippled” enough. I am not “disabled” enough, meaning I am not as “needy” as others, even though I still have needs to be met.

Welcome to Autism! The “invisible” handicap where empathy from others are not as noticed as one who looks “disabled” (whatever that means)

Now I realize how the system is, how it works, and the only way to get true social value to one’s figurative dollar is to be non verbal or be on a wheelchair.

Society is extremely backwards but rest assured, I got a handle of this.