Who Do You Love? The Great American Poli Disconnect


Thank you Howie Carr for helping me create this narrative. The above embed is the opening song to start each hour of his radio program. This song is the infamous Who Do You Love by George Thorogood

That very same song I feel is the melody to our political disconnect. While so many compare Presidant Trump to a reality show, politics in general, specifically in the GOP is the reason why I feel there is problems.

The song I posted above was also used in a promotional package for ether Season 11 or 12 of American Idol, post Simon Cowell, where there was more talent, and while the show did tout themselves as a talent competition, there was however a popularity piece, and creative services unit at Fox (that aired the series at that time) felt the way that season went, it was more of fan favorites over the most talented.

The GOP is basically the American Idol Season 11 or 12, I forget, perhaps it was in the year 2012.

In the many years of Democrat control, the conservative wing of the country have tried so desperately to get the most perfectly, 110%, crystal clean conservative, hard right, and obviously right President to be elected. These tight to the right people didn’t want to settle because “the lesser of the two evils” “is still evil”. It’s just as bad as a modern female that wants a perfect 10 man and can’t get him because in reality men are average and not as Ken doll quality.

Their righties were so bad, that if one conservative Republican went against the group, they would be angry. Apparently the brotherhood of tight right Republicans, have to be extremely manly and stand up for their own all the time, because the moment you go the other way, you’re an evil liberal.

For many years while Presidant Obama was really an Obummer, the right wing was so desperate to do anything, and think of anybody to get the most perfect Tight Right Republican that is 110% Perfect to win the Oval Office. For so many years people would call into the radio stations liking one guy and the other guy negating the previous caller and say “he’s not conservative enough, my guy is better” and have another caller negate the previous caller and say that very former caller’s choice is better.

Talk radio was filled of junk for over eight years, instead of settling, to basically believe in Who Do You Love instead.

For the last 10 years, politics has been almost like a popularity contest, and not on talent. Not saying our current president is perfect, but the other candidate was far from it and would’ve had even worse implications despite the imperfections of the current one. I do not feel that our politics is becoming not just another sporting event, or another episode of a reality show, but we aren’t finding people based on talent and abilities for decent politics, but basically voting for the politician because they like the same food or crayon color if that’s how bad our intellectual maturity of our politics have become.

Our politics has become populous, and whatever the masses believe at the time, much like how Season 6 of American Idol had on the last round more votes than the 2004 Presidential Election was combined. That being, there was obviously no limits to voting on Idol constituents, and who knows if the popular views are overinflated as well; such as how our country really believes, or is being forced to believe due to a popularity-first, political pressure culture.

No matter why we are so divided.