Howie Carr – Boston’s Disgraceful “Media” Talent

So I thought Howie Carr would finally be dumping on Presidant Trump’s really out of line remarks from Russia on Monday… as he would mock libs “Nothing to see here folks… move along”…

But Howie found a story, a puff/fluff/don’t take to literally a story about WBTS (the NBC O&O station) and a few anchors expecting at the same time… Howie took to Twitter…

The shouting on Twitter drives me nuts with the all caps, I am sick and tired of Howie yelling on radio too. And if you never really heard of those “anchors”, How, I suspect it’s because you tune to your non stop shop for entertainment, better known as the Fox News Channel.

It’s so pathetic how Howie has sold himself out to federal politics, and lack of local chatter. And that’s why Howie is a SHADOW OF HIS FORMER SELF!

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