Giving Up on Tech, part four

I hate Voice over IP and it’s “evolution” back to the 1960s in the step by step switching era. It offends me as a phone guy to see how cloud and Asterisk-like VOIP providers LECTURE to the audience about how antiquated the old “digital” telephone systems are and defend a really POS of a phone service. Most Asterisk “PBX” systems scale horrifically, and a lot of the pricky IT weridos think a “PBX” is an “on prem” phone system. NO! This is why I had The Museum of Telephony in the first place! “Features” today are the standard 19 features you can get for your cell or analog phone line, and app integration for your Salesforce, or  other “apps” that do not do call vectoring, advanced call routing, priority ringing, etc.

AND DO NOT GET ME started with how they assume Interactive Voice Response is the VERY SAME THING as an “Auto Attendant”. I so want to scream and strangle these asexual, virgins or rapists – these guys who sell these systems make me want to do a background check. They scream sex offenders!

VOIP is cool, there is a lot of great advantages, but they are doing it in the wrong ways. Latest-and-greatest and fashionable technologies such as Session Initiation Protocol and disgusting “VOIP phones” do SQUAT! Dissing “H323” standards because it’s “not open” shows how close minded “open” minded IT pricks are. There’s a reason why H323 is more reliable, but because you guys are too lazy to learn application specific technologies, well your arrogance is hurting the rest of us!

And what’s so disturbing is how a Polycom phone is almost as dumb as a rotary telephone! There was a time when everyone was drinking the AT&T haterade around 1984, that black rotary telephone was all the anger. Well I find Polycoms and Cisco phones to be s— but yet the communistic Open Source community has raped about 90% of the enterprise or small end voice market and yet no one is bitching about that.

Talk about double standards.