Zone/FBF: Luria Petrucci (formerly Cali Lewis) on Live Streaming

I’ve been a fan of Luria Petrucci for a few years now. She’s an awesome woman, attractive both on the inside and the outside. The girl next door that is geeky and smart. Very few exist. Some could probably not tell her from a lineup that she was one of the first video podcasters.  Lately she’s peddling the idea of live streaming. I probed her in the reasoning why she dumped her Geek series of podcasts.

(For a note in the camera quality – it was a bit rough because my producer was on a break, and I didn’t have backup photog, So I used ether my selfie stick or held the camera and hence why both eyes were hugging well past the top third…)

On my former Facebook fan page, I did a six minute interview with her and asked general questions of where she is today and what she did previously.

The live streaming stuff she has been doing is based on a decades plus long content doing video podcasts. She started to experiment on video podcasting after an Apple announcement in fall of 2005. Her podcasts began as Geek Brief, short videos on the latest tech stories, then went ot Geek Beat, with her now ex husband, and for a couple of years, she was hosted and produced Geeks Life. 

For about a decade, she went by an alias as Cali Lewis, the reasoning of that was based on of a story sexism in high tech and media – adding another of so many that has peculated in both businesses since this interview in April of last year. If you want to know more about that she appeared on other podcasts and it’s hard to fathom that men to this day are still crude.

On a related note, I did a similar package for the minifig TV station in the little world of mine. This one was cut for a package.

With that said it’s less than a week away where I’m going to be enroute to Las Vegas for this years NAB Show. I just received an email that several more hundred vendors will be on the tradeshow floor. My goodness.

Thanks Luria again for coming on camera with me!