My favorite Fox Show got a little distracting when the station ID ran on the bottom of the screen for a few seconds.

I don’t understand why I’m seeing this more and more on local stations. I am well aware of the FCC rules, despite the rules being strict, there is leniency such as a “natural break”. Like a promo where where a stations logo and ID shows at like :57 hour the hour. It’s not that complicated. WBZ -TV earlier in the fall used to have a large “CBS 4” bug with the WBZ – TV [CBS 4 logo]  Boston  on the bottom. But time went on, and the size shrunk.

But on WFXT the following is shown

“WFXT – Boston 25

This is a continued trend by the new owners (of over 3 years) to continue on giving Fox the middle finger in branding only because the viewers they think who are watching hate the Fox News Channel. Cox Media Group plays dirty with the viewers. For gawd’s sakes alive, they don’t even use the Fox promotional graphics for time and night of the show. I didn’t see the snappy graphics Fox uses till I went to New York and saw them on WNYW. They overlay it with the news anchors of Boston 25 News . If they do this for promos, who knows the bug may say “#911onWFXT” with a Boston 25 bug. 

This station is a disgrace. I don’t get this superimposing station IDs and a station emphasizing a local identify that never was and taking half of the station’s visual makeup.