Just kind reminder, whether side of the fence you’re on with this whole years long drama between the Peacock Network or Sunbeam Broadcasting; NBC is no longer on WHDH, so depending on the last time you saw a football game, it’s most likely going to be on another channel.

Welcome NBC 10, or Channel 10 with a CBS O&O looking typeface from 1980?

On New Year’s, a year into NBC moving to an owned and operated license in Merrimack, NH and stick in Goffstown, they have had a hard time with ratings and viewers with a weak signal up here, and through some spectrum sales in the last year, “NBC10” Boston has been able to build a network of low powered stations.

So within the next 24 hours, and if you are wanting to know where to tune to see TB12 hopppeeffulllly make it to six rings, onnnneeee wwould hooopppe. Here are your options.

Over the air, it’s on channel 8.1. If you don’t get it on the ears, just do a “rescan”. If you live in Foxboro, you may get WJAR that other NBC 10, since Boston and Providence is such a tight market, it actually has a definition in the Harry Newton’s Telecom Dictionary on signal overlap (I think.)

For most cable channels, the HD feed is on 710 or 810, (hence the virtual channel 10 branding), some SD feeds are on Channel 10, mine (legacy Adelphia/Comcast) is on Channel 26, legacy Comcast may be on other positions.

Because the NFL is known to be the No Fun League, it’s unclear if you can stream it instead.

I know the Emily Rooneys of the world joke (or possibly are literal) about tuning to Channel 7 to see her late dad Sunday nights, but in this case, don’t turn to WHDH for the Super Bowl, “Turn to 10” instead!

This writing has been a continuation of the discussion of NBC and their historical hostile treatment to their affiliates