I’m Ashamed to Admit my Hatred to Men.

I’ve posted recently being a man who hates men. Men are disgusting. Men lack compassion, men lack empathy, men like to show off their dicks when they can, they like to have power and control and abuse it without any repercussions.

Men in general lack these skills and they have been in careers where they are known to abuse vulernable people, ranging from the disabled to mostly women. Men like to blame everyone else for their lack of empathy and compassion. Men like to use manipulative practices to get what they want, often in a criminal threatening manner.

Men in power, as we can tell from the Harvey Weinstein scandals, to Matt Lauer’s sexcepades, to even hyper local issues, like the former police chief whoring international media attention for trying to capture the Groundhog that allegedly gave us 6 weeks of a rough winter in February 2015, to April where i had a personal run in with him that resulted in a disgusting social media to real world exchange where I finally found out he defamed me behind my back in a false police report. Of, that the town manager who has mannerisms of a man didn’t care and treated your’s truly like shit and the “Chairman” who may be a tranny treated me like garbage too. Both women acted like dick-flashing men who don’t care for details and want to control other people like  government officials having power over people.

Worse is in information technology. NOW I know men who are in this field and are well mannered, but many are angry Caucasian men who like to blame users for everything. They have a narrow minded bigotry like thinking, and will often verbally assault “end users” because they are not as smart or have a larger dick then them!

They say the great minds had Asperger’s Syndrome? What about Bill Gates, Larry Page, that freakjob named Eric Schmit (who probably looks like someone who shouldn’t be an elementary school teacher), Mike Bloomberg, Steve Jobs, etc? They abused women. Most likely treated them like trash, and forced their views on them, to the point where they probably took a stapler to their head. That’s what men in high technology do. High technology is on the rise. They are abusive to the most vulernable, exploit them and because they have a dick, they can get away with it. Google encourages abuse to people’s rights. Facebook think’s its OK to monitor specific users because they think they can. Do we need to talk about our current Federal administration?

For research purposes, I found this site, The Lone Sysadmin is also whose borderline anti-female, anti people, etc. Attacks “end users” like they are dumb sheep, and preaches that narrow minded bigotry called “change” and indirectly attacks users with:

Oh, change is scary, too, but that’s really just a subcategory of “people are hard.” – Bob Plankers, The Lone Sysadmin

Can I say sysadministrators are just angry ol pricks who can’t understand that not everyone is nerdy or hell even techie? And that changes is a nature of being a goddamned human race?

Men in power, especially in technology do abuse women, and they are nerds, and there’s a reason why society doesn’t accept them. THEY ARE GODDAMNED DANGEROUS!

I have to close it with this. I hate men as a man. I feel sorry for other people who are abused strictly because an Adam’s apple and a dick gives them entitlement to do whatever the hell they want.