Would MLK Be Happy Today?

Sidenote: From my old site from winter

The Martin Luther King birthday is a holiday for me. A real holiday from the 364 or 365 days (if it’s a leap year) from tireless advocacy for civil rights for all.

New Hampshire, the state I live in was the last state to observe the holiday as such around year 2000. It was called “Civil Rights Day” because according to the contrary, the state feared if they dedicate one holiday for one person, it would open the pandora’s box excuse for other leaders. MLK has been the only major figure (whose holiday came after his assassination) since the 1960s. To speak bluntly, it’s the asshole conservatives that wanted to keep things low key. Especially anything that is social related.

I’m not a social justice warrior. I don’t believe the SJW movement in the first place. I am a vocal opponent of a growing trend of this state turning blue but the same blue people having red agendas.

Specifically in the “developmental disability” community. We should in fact avoid using said phrase and use every developmental disorder to underscore the difference, the complexities and the diversity of each condition. The officials at The State of New Hampshire may not want to be “disability specific” but that’s exactly the problem.

The following is unpopular analysis that may insult unnamed groups of people, just read with caution.

There is a growing trend in the “developmental disability” community that has occurred statewide over the last generation. More disturbingly, this has accelerated over the last calendar year. State officials seem to be turning a blind eye. Even if you got the SJWs to disrupt state government activities on a weekday in front of the State House, the officials would say they are rude and disrespectful- special snowflake types.  Many SJWs within the Concord beltway skew very liberal, but their views towards progressing disabilities whether its physical or neurological is very backass. Borderline conservative

One is that state officials who then to the sub/contractors for services and personnel will tout this “cost effective” strategies of “community based supports”.  What officials really mean is that treating people with a developmental disability is assumed they have the mental capacity of a child or a teenager, and that’s far from the reality for NH. If they treated clients as a case-by-case basis, and tried to hire managers and other staff members to focus on the client; the costs would go up, and institutions would return and everyone would hurt. This dirty little secret is assumed that all developmentally disabled people would not have the intelligence to read between the lines and deliver this expose to ether the mainstream media or alternative media like social media/blogs, only because these “authoritative” types are old and do not understand what a hashtag is, even if they don’t #anything. And as a result, if someone is “in the system” and is seeing the writing on the wall, they are strongly discouraged to post this stuff out because it would be sensitive, would hurt one’s feelings in the state level government because it may be criminal to question government employees because it’s illegal to question a police officer, right?

The ideas of focusing on negatives, finding the flaws, exposing the flaws in lieu of punishment and micromanaging clients and throwing them under the bus for “non compliance”, and also being called out for being “unprofessional” when you call them out for being unprofessional themselves has been the norm – taking the civil rights away of neurologically disabled people, and in fact it’s gotten worse just in the last year.

The Medicaid Waiver system from residential to day habilitation to work to other transitional services is basically a license from the Feds to give to the state and it’s contractors the license to treat anyone with a developmental disability like children, only because ALL people with a DD is basically mentally a child, and they will never, ever mature. It’s power by faceless authorities.

In basic logic, “progression is regression”  at some point some “progress” means we as a hyperlocal society will be going backwards. Throwing someone in the community for six hours a day, five days a week, out of their or family’s will will cause unintended consequences such as reopening “state schools” that may be little or less different then the ones the SJWs at the time took down in the court system around the time I was born. You’ll also notice the people who speak for the changes, are basically anyone other than the person with the disorder or disability. if they can’t speak a full sentence, at least cite them in some way shape or form. It’s just narcissistic parents that want control.

Control, power and authority. If you try to break one of the three, you’ll get punished. If thought Trump is bad, that’s child’s play compared to Concord politics. WMUR-TV, and The Union Leader never go on the deeper subjects, as both media outlets do not have an i-team or investigative journalism. WBIN-TV just shut down most of NH1’s news operation on Friday out of the blue. Bloggers are scarce, and many just are modern day Metro Networks, rip-and-read wire service over the Web. There is no original reporting in this state, and the way the authorities have such power, the media probably is scared of lawsuits. It’s cheaper for the local mainstream media to respect authority. 

As a result, evil wins. And the “Live Free or Die” state literally would make some want to do the latter over the former. And it’s a bipartisan cause, thank those people.