SOTD: Is Amazon overpriced?

a one year chart of Amazon-dot-com taken from May 9th of 2017
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Is Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) overpriced?

I am one of the biggest skeptics of this company. I feel like I’m stuck in 1998 all over again and basically this same question has been asked over and over like it was a startup: has Amazon truly made a “profit”?  Is the stock worth it’s actual value? Is robots and other distribution centers and very razor thin profit margins by selling everything for almost for free actually valuable? If some box store or mum and pop store who has been closed by this company, and if the numbers are not accurately reported; and the numbers aren’t reported accurately, then is Amazon liable for misleading the public for sketchy numbers? And is Amazon’s Web Services better known by it’s initials as AWS going bankrupt like what Cisco claimed last fall? And how come those numbers are vague?

These concerns come up every quarter. After Amazon reported last month that they needed to take yet another loss for “reinvesting” in the company, questions started to rise like every other quarter of what the hell is going on at Amazon?  Lefties out there tend to be wimps and I guess perhaps they are fear of success so in order to feel like a failure they need to “loose” money.

I’ll be honest. I do not like Amazon. I do not like shopping for cheap things in aiding and abetting destruction of brick and mortar stores. It should be a crime for all consumers.  Jeff Bezos has been stealing shareholder money for years, pocketing it in, and buying things like The Washington Post, of which reported earlier in April that WFXT was taking away the “Fox” 25 News brand, and called it “taking away the other ‘f’ word”. Very juvie journalism owned by a manchild.  More on WFXT the national MSM’s lack of the real reason why Fox 25 is in shambles in a later post.

For all I know, AMZN is really worth $80, and I price in shenanigans. I think they are defrauding shareholders, and to be honest I believe the millenials who like to consume are enjoying this cheap e-tailer which I never believed they ever made a “profit” by traditional senses; and the enterprises (i.e. the “box” stores) are loosing customer traffic from corporations that have to report to the Street honestly.

Amazon is a left coast company that runs a business that is owned by a far left liberal who likes to bend the rules. Will he be the one-percenter to pay his “fair share”? Hell No!

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