The Hypocrisy of ASAN

If someone who is not familiar to “autism”, “Autism” or the “Autism Spectrum Disorder”, the ASAN should not be your #1 site to research.

ASAN is clearly a weak organization based on people with a communication disorder with the lack of proper and effective way to deliver the message. It may or may not have anything to do with their autism or it could be that they are hippies, or hippie wannabes and are doing a sucky job.

As stated in the beginning, they assume that everyone knows autism and now we can move forward right? Wrong! This is how they are hurting not only themselves but all Americans who are autistic. They are in the wrong decade. Many Americans (including liberals) are still not aware of the complexity, and diversity of autism. For god sakes alive WGBH (Channel 2) of all local stations almost hired (then fired) Mish Michaels who was almost *this* close to scaring the Boston DMA with potential negative and alarming stories of anti autism reporting.

Not to be so judgemental, but many of these people pictured as the “staff” are mostly hipster, far left types. I mean, I don’t care glasses turn me off. Most of the women don’t even care to wear makeup or contacts. They look like guys. I mean, I’m NOT HOMOPHOBIC, but is it “diverse” to have a straight girl or guy in your team? Oh wait, that’s not fashionable anymore.

Many of these autistics tend to obsess about their liberal politics and special interests. They apparently do not like sports; they do not like watching TV; they must not like pop culture ether. That’s probably why I do not often spend so much time with these groups. Again you’re hurting yourself and no one else. You deliberately create a closed bubble and throw anyone under the bus when someone has a differing view.

ASAN’s very own Twitter feed is another example where their message is confusing, often Tweets stories and information that has nothing to do with autism at all. This is so far from illogical.

As posted previously, they post statements that are not positive to anyone who is Republican and often use scare tactics to advance their agenda. But many of the modern day special ed reforms were ether lead by Republicans or co-authored with blue dog Democrats. Modern day say prior to the second decade of the new century.

They claim to advocate for “autism”, but on ASAN’s own Twitter feed, they focus often about everyone but someone with ASD.

They have previously attacked Autism Speaks in a very obsessive way, but over the last year, they realized that they were beating a dead dog.  They love their “trigger warnings”, as if autistics are unable to have a thick skin, a requirement if you lecture on community based supports. The irony is that the “r” word was used in a disorder sense for the “system”, but context doesn’t matter for liberals who are always offended.

And many of their other social justice beliefs such as race, and LGBT are often mixed into the “Autism Awareness”, oh sorry I meant “Autism Acceptance”.

These people are running an organization they don’t even take seriously, so how in the hell can we TAKE YOU seriously? You folks are latched on to an obsessive manner of liberal causes only, and you don’t even freakin speak well! You have an “anything goes” attitude and often what does LGBT and racism have anything to do directly to the Autism Spectrum Disorder? At one point will you reach the “normal” people to get them to understand my group since you act so like a normal SJW league?

This organization is just as sinful as Autism $peaks. Good lord!