Londonderry NH’s Payback: “AL” Baldasaro Pic Removed from Google Search

I can’t help to say payback is a bitch.

Londonderry, New Hampshire the town I once resided for many of my early years is a very diverse town, just that the diversity is limited to ultra conservative cultures, like minded people and anyone who makes over two hundred thousand a year. However, this narrative is fitting for my thirtieth birthday and finally some payback to the most scummiest people on the earth.

For a while, if you googled my former town, the “Knowledge Panel” according to a story featured a 2013 wedding picture of a man named Representative Al Baldasaro; who has been active in the community for many years. He was born and raised in the People’s Republic of Cambridge, Massachusetts, Middlesex County but is well known for his ultra right agenda. This story coincidentally occurred after my post on the New Hampshire agenda against the “welfare” system.

The picture according to Google via the Londonderry legal counsel was searched alot during the presidential campaign last year, after controversial comments including threatening the life of the opposing candidate on radio on two different occasions and defended the statements as he was also Donald Trump’s right hand man for the New Hampshire campaign.  Google claimed because of an algorithm was the reasoning. The Chairman of the town council had requested to Google directly to use another image, and didn’t oppose his politics or the firearms beared by the women in the image. Other communities shown in the Knowledge Panel show commercial points of interest like the Merrimack Outlets for Merrimack, NH; parks in other communities, etc and not a lothesome scumbag selfie from social media.

He has been described as an Italian American, a Catholic American and a American that served in the Marines during Operation Desert Storm; but yet he is known to have very angry public persona.

Other than conservative politics (or speaking style) that is not in fashion for many people; he also has acted as a bully in the Londonderry Town boards, such as the Zoning Board of Adjustment, the Planning Board and even the Town Council, all of which is public under New Hampshire Statue RSA 91-a; and while many of the “greatest hits” are not online via the town’s access center, as it predates modern social media; you can get the ones in the Leach Library, especially during 2008 to 2010. In some of the meetings he would get into verbal exchanges with his abutting business neighbor where the board had to call police. Another Town Council meeting he stated he was pulled over by a Londonderry police officer for feeling they were offended that he was critiquing the unions; and when the Town Council asked if he was speeding, he got immediately defensive as laugher ensued. It is known he is an aggressive driver and is known to tailgate people.

He is not a nice man at all. And in fact, given him being a public figure, it should be known people who are public figures working in public service to be extremely careful of what you Tweet, because what you Tweet or post could not reflect you but your entire community of 21,000 people (Clickford’s Real Index.) His actions have shown that many older people in my former town (that I refuse to call it a “hometown”) is extremely conservative, extremely intolerant, and extremely stubborn. Not all conservatives are like the folks in hel-Ltown, but they are sure as hell are pretty nuts.

According to the story, three hours after the initial report from the Union Leader, Google changed the picture.

However, to show how the Internet is not forgiving, I have to give the nah-nah-nuhh-nuhh one last time to the nitwits of “Ltown” and to steal the quote from the Class of 2005 “stay classy!”