Autistic Self Advocacy Network’s Continued Reversed Ableism

I have never been a supporter of a politically heavy organization ran entirely by a single group of people. The organization I’m talking about is the Autistic Self Advocacy Network.

The ASAN has always attacked anyone who is not a Democrat, a Person of Color or someone with a disability. They skew very left, and I’m sorry but politics and autism is not needed.

They are based out of the very leftie town of Washington, D.C. Chapter offices are around, just in the most liberal cities. Thankfully there isn’t any representation where I live possibly because my state isn’t as liberal to their specifications.

While many on the spectrum dislike Autism Speaks, they have been on a full attack for a number of years. They also question other states from thousands of miles away to lecture on their agendas. They often push out statements, just like any other SJW organization and there is never any positive statements against anyone who is not a Moonbat. I mean, there is liberal, far left, and completely out there in the liberal world. Often it’s the latter. While at least the former leader was technically on the welfare system, it would appear so many of the staff there are living on mummy and papi’s trust fund. They hate any politics that was in vogue in say the 1990s. While so many are not representing the advocates, they chant like little children the “Nothing About Us Without Us.”

While they literally obsess on concerns like ableism, they themselves are stereotyping themselves. As in a reversed-ableism fashion.

They have created “toolkits” for folks on the spectrum to speak to authorities in regards to the removal of the Affordable Care Act or known for many as Obamacare. They even produced a statement featuring a “script”, because so many autistics can’t be able to function on their own. Given their vulnerability, ASAN does not stop in directing them on what they want to think; but to what ASAN wants you to say for them. This is where the line of advocacy turns into activism. Or worse, brainwashing.

My name is  [your full name] . I’m a constituent of  [Representative Name/Senator Name] , and I live in  [your town] . I’m calling to ask  [the Representative/ the Senator]  to vote NO on the current budget reconciliation which repeals the Affordable Care Act. This bill would take lifesaving health coverage away from your constituents, and it would cut funding for Medicaid services that people depend on to live in the community. A bill that causes millions of Americans to lose their health coverage isn’t a replacement for the Affordable Care Act. Please vote NO on the budget reconciliation.


The problem at ASAN is they lack the understanding of hacking around the system. Advocacy is all about #lifehacks. One of the best ways is to think like a Republican, a tight right type with an effective message. The quoted piece that was actually based on their new “toolkit” that actually did not have any specific policy. A less emotional drama queen should’ve referred the reader to go and look at the aforementioned toolkit as ideas, and not copy and paste the “script” and tweak it to their leftist agenda.

And how is this “strength in numbers” for those who believe in advocacy? How is it advocacy if they are making autism so robotic? How is this advocacy when there is politics involved?

Quote honestly, ACA/Obamacare has been a disaster. People who have been pushed to have coverage when they don’t need it; people had to plug in their information first before seeing any quotes; or should I say that the job market is worse than it was than before the ACA? And no, I am not basing this from watching the Fox News Channel/Business Network; its from my own observation in my two sets of brown eyes. Presidant Obama has made a number of people’s lives within ASD worse; then it was before he was elected.

But when you live in a posh liberal town making craploads of money around peers who think like the way you do in a f—-d up way, then I must be “ableist”…

This organization is basically my groups equivalent to the Black Panthers League – if not yet, soon.