The Big Three-Zero Wish List

I’ll be turning thirty within the next month. Excuse me while I puke my guts out in disgust of getting old.

Anyways, its a big deal. I break up my wish list in to three sections (Reasonable, Storage, this may break the bank and Vintage)

Reasonable Wish List:

  • Xfinity DVR box. Not too hip into X1, but it needs to be a Ci$co box because our network runs off the ol Scientific Atlanta. (this is really wish request to the family. When we upgraded to X1 it came with a basic DVR to rewind up to 20 minutes of a single channel. Consider this checked.)
  • a Specific 720p HD LED TV set that will also act as a monitor for return video for the Xbox 360 and Mac (video editing, media playing, etc.) The mother knows. (For the record, this is the first time I had actually put a TV set in a wish list ever.)
  • iPod Nano! I can’t believe I can still get a model with a UI resembles pre iOS 7. Of course it uses it’s own OS and it functions like an old school iPod (meaning you could use such devices to boot Macs like an Apple Genius!)
  • Final Cut Pro jog shuttle. This basically controls the video playback or the media clip that is. It’s basically a mouse with the sole purpose of having scrolling. This is a must if you’ve worked in video editing for way too long.
  • Standard gift cards to Barnes & Noble, A.C. Moore, American Eagle, Aeropostale (opps that’s a joke!) Always can take reload to my Starbucks!
  • Memory Max to my MacBook, and Mac mini
  • Storage!
  • (I could use some more storage solutions in my closet, but no this is computer storage.) Hard drives. I cannot have enough of them with the data going through the roof! Mostly for media storage. I guess I can make this into sublist
  • 2.5″ SAS Hard Drives: (Link is for reference only) This stands for Serial Attached SCSI. They look like SATA laptop drives, but they use SCSI. For consumers this feels like a trip back to 1992 with Desktop macs. It’s not. I use a Proliant Server to store virtual machines. Due to the technical physics SCSIs, they tend to hold less data. I have 146 gigs, but would love a couple or more 300GB and move them off site and swap them every quarter for disaster-proofing purposes. Appropriate 2.5″ caddies would be needed.
  •   500GB ATA hard drives. These are the maximum the ATA series can hold, and most likely will have to find them used and/or new old stock. I use this for my Power PC Xserve, as my directory and file storage and sometimes an app server. ATA Xserve caddies would be nice, but not needed at this time
  • FireWire hard drives. I love the Lacie drive I got a year or two ago. They don’t sell the FireWire version anymore (thanks to Apple depreciating their own technology) but after being in the modern Apple craze for a decade now, I still use the technology, and just started to in the last couple of years.
  • SD cards, can’t have enough. I use SanDisk HDSD cards
  • A large stuffed teddy bear, you know the 4′ ones. I know go ahead and laugh…


You wouldn’t think a big list wouldn’t include telephones right? You thought wrong!

  • Avaya 302A or B Attendant Console. this is the bad boy that would complete my Definity experience.  This serves for operators to take or place calls and monitor the general health of trunks and lines
  • PUSH BUTTON Telephones! CallDirector, 10 line, 20 line etc.
  • ComKey – the first electronic telephone system in  small setups by Ma Bell
  • Merlin Telephones. Any of the original 5 button, 10 button, BIS, etc.
  • The Western Electric 302 metal telephone (not to be confused with the operator console)
  • Who would not want to own a Snoopy and Woodstock AT&T telephone from the 1970s?


(because I am getting old, that I will be OLD so what happens when you GET OLD – you want vintage stuff!)

  • Always a sucker for a DEC VT-300 series terminals, most notably the VT-320. I could take a VT-220 terminal, that was cute looking
  • Alphastation computer workstation based on the Alpha CPU. Would love to run VMS for the hell of owning one!
  • The grey metal based MacPro, since Apple is probably calling the first gen towers from a decade ago “Vintage”, but you know how I get “vintage” tech to work…
  • My first Apple love was a ether a Macintosh II or an LC II (can’t remember which came first). Any of the two CPUs I’d take in a heartbeat. (LC III/475 – not interested)
  • SCSI CD-ROM Drive. Old School SCSI. To throw model, Apple CD-600E. Something so I can install apps onto the old Macs because I had an SCSI drive or two and tossed them.
  • SCSI ZIP drive. Again for the Macs in the vintage world
  • The Fisher Price Telephone. Awww, does it dial back to your childhood? 😛 For the stupidest reason, I junked mine and same with my mother!
  • A Pay telephone, because what telephone enthusiast wouldn’t want one (5 cents to call internally, 10 cents for a page and 25 cents for a local call and 50 cents a call for long distance?)
  • Switchboard. Not kidding, those old fashioned switchboards, more of breadbox for the hell of making calls in the house!
  • A Mickey Mouse Telephone
  • A couple of “Insulators”

This is a short list, of really “wishful” things over a “need”. Additional lists can be seen on my Amazon, Etsy, and BestBuy wish lists