Why Men Love B!tches – Moi’s POV

Warning: Bad Language used. Please read with discretion

There’s a book published called Why Men Love Bitches (or something like that.) I found the book a while back at my local Barnes & Noble, and skimmed through it. I took a picture of the cover but can’t seem to find it on my machine or server, but who cares! I don’t remember much of the context; but more on the general message. Or at least if I can remember that as well!

I want to say that I don’t want this site to be all about relationships, but on the same time that subject has been a difficulty that I’ve struggled and still puzzled if that it’s my autism or the world around me that I can’t understand. I know for sure I’ll take a hit for speaking my version of the truth at least in this post…

I feel there is a need to explain on why we are drawn to attractive women with overattractive egos and the reason why my group would want to settle.

I’m going to take that book to the next level and say it with my own words. Men today are simply being devalued and degraded. Before you call me a misogynist, I’ve have my own issues as you already know. Four out of five cases of autism impacts boys or males, as a result, we are always painted with a broad brush that we are all creeps, losers, etc. Now some are what I described, would be classified as a “creep” but not everyone.  I guess it would be like saying all women are bitches and of course it’s easier to admit the former as that is “speaking truth to power”.

Another problem is the dominance of women without the responsibility. Women want everything the man wants (equal pay, rights etc.) but they don’t have to prove themselves. In some cases some women are very manly to get into a man’s world. But instead of being sexist, why don’t we just treat them as equal and stop using judgmental phrases? Why should women act literally like men to get a man’s job? Or even better just work your butt off!

In the romantic sense, women are marrying later and having children later and taking advantage of what I believe is inferior technology such as freezing a woman’s eggs to have children at a later age. I don’t see benefits other than potentially messed up children, but I never claimed to be a doctor here. Anyways, a baby girl is born with number of eggs (forgot the number in the millions I think) and by the time she hits puberty at menarche (clinical word for her first period) she already shed thousands and between natural growth and periods, she’s shedding more eggs. She goes into her 20s and complains about how “bad boys” are. After hard partying and anger against the opposite gender (while having a handful of sex partners and likely on birth control), she has already shed even more eggs. By the time she hits 25, she’s now complaining about how “bad men are” with every excuse in the book. By the time she hits 30 she’s repeating her vitriol cycle. And by 35 she’s freaking out that she can’t find a guy and won’t be able to have children while her egg count is getting numbered. Let me say this: if a man had done the same thing would he be understood? Hell no! He’d be labeled as a misogynist, a woman hater, that is bitter, and can’t respect women.

Now here’s the pressing question why would men love anklebiters? We have come to a conclusion that nice women share the lifecycle of a T-rex. They’re gone. Nice ones are already taken and the rest is extinct or almost past an endangered species. Why would man hurt himself and be so full of himself to believe there is a nice woman out there? There isn’t and if you really believe there is a nice girl – well maybe you need to be inspected for being delusional. The best option is to get instant gratification by settling with a woman who will give you short term gain with long term pain. I’d say if I can get 2 years of “love” over my lifespan of being eternally single, well then so be it!

Then how does the relationship status end, by going to jail? Of course! Women are so vicious today that in some (and I mean some) abusive situations, of alleged cases of domestic violence against women occur that by default of the criminal justice system, the man will likely go to jail even if the woman actually did initiate a domestic abuse situation. Traditionally 99% of the cases were against women, and 1% against men, but sadly I believe those “1 percenters” are now larger, but we can’t say that because it’s not politically sexy to do so.

Emergency services does not give you immunity similar to the “Good Samaritan” laws for reporting fires or trying to save a life.. In many cases, the man would get jailed even if he initiated the 9-1-1 call. In short, if you are in an abusive situation and you’re not a woman, do not expect immunity if you initiate a 9-1-1 call, because a woman can bend your words and most likely the current state of law enforcement will throw you in jail and throw the key away even if you’re 70% innocent because of the emotional blackmail of being forced to wrongdoing even if you’re 110% right! You have to dance around to save your own interests even if you’re lying or accepting lies by the other party! It’s so disturbing!

I don’t want to minimize any cases of rape but I can’t imagine that some of these cases could’ve been initiated by a woman teasing a man who can’t keep track of her real time signals; sp why is he hypothetically  the one at fault? Should the woman take any responsibility? A skirt too short and touching him inappropriately then he gets charged for doing the same? If both parties drink, is that an equal fault defense? I know rape is rape is to rape, but at some point when will women take any responsibility for their destructive actions?

I also blame the lack of a strong father figure of why women are bitches. If I had a daughter who walk out to the park like she was going to a clubbing event, I’d stop her. Even if she was an adult! Why do parents teach their sons to respect women when the same types of parents are allowing their daughters to disrespect themselves?

– –

As you know I have been eternally single, and am no longer attracted to women both romantically and sexually. It literally turns me off when women are so vicious and angry when a guy is reasonably checking out an attractive girl whom has intentions to grab reasonable attention, but they get all angry and upset and have the “don’t look at me!” or the new cliche “resting bitch face” which means that she looks like she’s bitchy but she’s “resting” like napping with her eyes wide open. Women have the excuses in the books but guys are always feel like rocks are being thrown at their windows.

Another fashion trend among women are spikes. Spiked bras, spiked bracelets, spiked anything. Well this is equivalent to a “hot chick” showing of her body because she’ll have the ‘tude of “you can look but you can’t touch”. What I mean is a woman who is “hot” looking means that if you touch her, you’ll get burned. The spiked fashion is equivalent if her skin was really firey. In this sense, they are also perpetuating the alleged man hating by the radical feminists!.

What does this mean to me? Even if I was attracted to these estrogen raging monsters, I’d probably fall in love with them myself, and even if she messed me up even further like what happened in my younger years, at least I’ve felt like I was in “love” for a short period of time. If she threw me under the bus and threw me into jail for something I didn’t do, well hey, I’d at least I’d take the hit (just like how I’ve handled it in the past.) If she zeroed out of my checking account, well hey she stole my money because her mumma believed she “deserved” it.

Of course this can be argued as the “wrong” thing to do. But what is “right” anymore? There is no such thing as an ethical/moral compass anymore. It’s outdated like a rotary telephone, the new digital way is to make up social rules on the fly! Is that the best approach? Hell no! But what can you do now?

Just admit that some women are vicious and just hope there are nicer ones out there? Maybe so.