Since about 2011, just before I turned 25, I got indications that maybe we would possibly go on vacation to Florida for the first time.

Well 2012 would lead into 2013, and my grandmother got sick and 2014 was lead into possibly going to a 12 month work program, plus my mother’s work distractions; and then came 2015 which was all above plus everything else.

I have never been to Florida. Unlike other of my rich Caucasian peers who was able to travel to places all over the country at the price of a Kit Kat Bar (in their dollar value), it was very expensive for just the two of us to travel.

In the early to late 1990s, my autism was very pervasive, despite that I wasn’t that fully aware of it. But in those days the Walt Disney Resorts would be safe to say may not had been accommodating unlike today. But as your’s truly a borderline functioning individual, and is well into his adult years; would going to Disney be an appropriate place? About a couple years ago Disney used to have a system to accommodate people who can’t take the long lines (and the crowds, I highly bet.) Whatever they had was changed, and I don’t think it was for the better.

Then things got more interesting. A couple weeks or so ago, my mother mentioned about if there are Amtrak lines that go to Florida. And I was like Are you kidding me? It will take us 2 weeks to get there! Despite what you hear about the Acela, the Acela does not go as fast as you wish. In 2002 (just before the year after 9/11) we took the fast rail to D.C.  In the most straightest route, the train was I believe maxing at over 100mph when the Acela can run double that speed. I bet the speed is reduced to the snobby NIMBY types.

Apparently even airfare is so expensive that my cost-cutting CFO of the household can’t stand. She is very razor focused on costs and cannot understand Cap Ex versus Op Ex or Genex, so she can be very frugal to the point if anything is “expensive” to her, it will be too expensive. Apparently our trip to California was about $5,000, it can’t be that high going to Florida…I would think? So the next question is why doesn’t she find work discounts? Her superiors will expect her to bring her work laptop for the scheduled 2 weeks despite losing a day from the Family Support Conference in 2014 so she could go to their Massachusetts branch to go over something that they needed done badly; and this year will have to go to mandatory training on Friday the registration night. So no Thursday night stay and who the hell knows if Monday will be preempted to go back home for her to go to work?

The other thing I said I’d settle for a mini vacation in New York City around Thanksgiving where we’d take the backroads into the City. Or New Years Eve. There was excuses in the book for those too.

I don’t want to dream for a “real” vacation anymore. I’d rather be working and the only vacation I really give a damn is the time of the Family Support Conference. Because you know, I have to “work” unlike my other Hack peers.