The Theft of My Youth

I’m going to be 30 in a year from now. My experiences are well behind my peers by textbook definitions. Most of my peers from Southern New Hampshire don’t even live here anymore. They are more worldly and more sexist, ablest, racist, etc. Many would not tolerate my group of people. But there is another theft that was caused and co-conspired by the 6 and 8 year hacks.

My “fountain of youth” is disappearing very quickly as 30 year olds have to mature both on looks and mental and emotional maturity levels. When you get to a certain age, you aren’t as flashy (without trashy), fun healthy and happy people. You become more boring and you live a boring life. No hobbies, and downright depressing.

I don’t have that many peers in my own age group at all who are healthy and happy and living a youthful life.

As I have stated on a number of times, I haven’t had a significant woman in my life due to having my p—-s chopped off by the hack “Doctor”, and the general intolerance of Millenials to autism. So I guess the future of having a woman both with an attractive personality and intelligence with a good looking body I could touch without getting burned literally is out of the question. The loss of having intimacy – even without sex component is now the next thing I’ve lost almost everything. People in the expert field have no damn clue what they have done to me.

I want to experience my next ten years of a Happy and Healthy lifestyle of Happy and Healthy people, who just are five nine groups of people (you know the 99.999% reliability to telecom and telephony – you get sick one day a year.) I want to have this lifestyle before its too late by the time I hit forty and experience any type of family medical history that may bring me down further.

I get a kick when the post menopausal hag of my psych-o-logist would claim that I get along with middle age women. They were drawn to me, not that I was drawn to them. If there were MILF types of women, I’d bond with them too, but mothers who are hotties are very hard to find nor do they even care about me. So Bolick f—d up badly when she made that claim, and guess whose the real racist/ageist now? The Fraud on Broad that lives in Middlesex County!

What’s so sad was I could’ve had a happy life if only my supports were so strong. But it wasn’t meant to be. I was chosen to have been the unlucky person and someone had to feel forgotten and lost, and hopeless.