DSPs, the Lack of Money and Passion

From the Grapevine from my undisclosed day program in an undisclosed location: I overheard some conversations of one staff talking about money and a possible pay raise (or something like that.) The unnamed staff said something like she isn’t there for the money. I hope she’s happy working with her clients.

On the other hand, this lack of pay is the reason why support staff’s role is getting upgraded to a Direct Support Professional. The problem I have with DSPs is how backwards their logic is. In fact I find the logic faulty. When attending a Code of Ethics seminar in Nashua during the summertime, these political hucksters from New York State they were pushing the idea that the most bottom level position should be the most professional as they would allegedly bring quality of life to people with special needs.

To me DSPs are a hands-off approach 110% about the client (which wouldn’t that be an inadvertent alternative reality that the world revolves around the client?)

And what if the DSP’s take advantage over the client for their own narcissism, ahem “social capital”? Let’s say this unnamed staff gets a role on the same class as a DSP, would you think she would have the same quality as she does without the money? Do you think there will be a healthier and happier quality of life? No it will be regressive and more boundaries and more chains and more barriers because god forbid a DSP and a client can be a foot length distance can still be “ethical”…

Not sure if they really believed in the dog food they eat, but the problem is that having the world revolve around the client would be an unfair reality as I already stated. Secondly does code of ethics apply to management levels?

Yeah I thought so.

What was so interesting during that training was the lack of brining up the higher management positions or any of their duties. I feel that DSP treatment is like school all over again, there will be this teacher/student boundary and my program is like an extended family. Apparently those hucksters from New York State (that acted so like they were from the Five Boroughs) are preaching unintended consequences and making life a living hell. What if I want to befriend a DSP, is that not allowed per to the NYC-Snottery Standards? Jezzum crow.

I smell corruption, and taste it too. I don’t like it. So many people on management  levels get away with murder much like how our fine Presidant has (well if you believe the scandals that is.)  I have to tell you, the people that really need “Code of Ethics” is people who don’t even have to deal with the clients themselves.

I really think the Medicaid Waiver system is so screwed up I just want to say it was broken by radical special interest groups who have no sense of reality because their ego is so into outer space.