Will Anyone Challenge Hillary on Autism?

A couple weeks ago, Hillary Clinton made a bold move by being the first Presidential Candidate to making campaign promises for autism. There is a laundry list of issues she claims that she would address if she becomes President.

However the problem is Hillary’s got over twenty years worth of political skeletons in the closet. Unlike this super high functioning writer who indirectly puts her on the same status as the Tea Party for not supporting gay marriage or allowed the NSA to spy on all of us; the fact is Hilliary is a bipolar type of individual. In her younger days, she was a hippie, in the 00s, she was a Moonbat and in 2016 she’s fighting against Bernie Sanders of which Moonbat will out do the other Moonbat.

Say what you want about Benghazi, but Clinton’s national security record was poor if not p— poor. Not only her lack of response to Benghazi was bad; but keeping private email servers outside of the New York suburbs, on an unsecured – perhaps running on an OptiPlex workstation only because she wanted to carry a single BlackBerry and oh she claimed it was for her to be updated for Chelsea’s wedding plans? C’mon! I’m legally dumb, but I’m not that dumb!  Her best interest in America is really on the lowest priority on her list, and I’d even question if she holds any social or special interest groups the promises she makes after getting elected. (Your’s truly has already declared her a winner. That or that dimwit Bernie.)

– – –

The problem is where is the GOP on the issue on addressing autism for all, not just adults, not just work opportunities (and you also wonder why I just want to stay unemployed because I feel like there’s more to life than to work – you mindless scums) and oh yeah – a little research on how my life will progressive get hopeless as I age. What will happen when me and my peers when they hit 64? Will they age out of the system too? Who gives a damn about children?

No Republican candidate (including the speculated archival to Hillary, Carly Fiorina) has addressed this at all at the time of this writing.

Meanwhile in September following the CNN debate where Trump stated without much facts that so many kids are having autism with all the vaccinations, the media had to play defense on vaccinating their child. In the last year, a most disturbing fact of the generation least exposed to individuals with autism; one in five Millenials believed vaccines causes autism; but most Millenials never seen many autistics; as some were institutionalized in the most progressive states; and many were out of district when they were in middle and high school (15 to 8 years ago)

– – –

Another concern with autism politics is how digital (ahem, “packet” based) societies many live in today. People live in a community they choose to agree with all the time, and anyone who challenges anyone’s views gets a gated community treatment of “You’re a racist!” or in this case “You’re an ableist”. I question many of the higher functioning “advocates” that blaintently  have political views that are differs from the rest of the nation. (And yes there are many conservatives that are perhaps more tolerant that any moonbat that I know.)

Many of these autistics are no different than the African Americans or Latinos, where they will spew something off from left field without anything to challenge. Case in point where this writer in The Guardian states “Political discourse around autism in the US has followed a very different narrative over the past few decades: autism is a tragedy.”

I still don’t understand who and how it specifically stated by any individual or group that autism is “a tragic burden” or “a tragedy” using these specific phrases. And what makes them to say what’s tragic and what’s not?  This is the problem we have, we have idiots who lack the social skills to have intelligent debates with differing views, and if someone differs, someone has to almost “correct” their views. Excuse me while I get blasted on social media by strangers using vulgar and unbusiness like languages…

Meanwhile I also do not like special interest groups, many carry agendas and social justice bordering on defaming people, and other politics I’ve stated over time. But these types of comments bother me, because this is a pressing issue, much like the heroin “epidemic” that is plaguing many states. What’s so bothersome is people taking precious energy and respond to trolls who don’t respond back intelligently.

– – –

I am hoping some candidate comes out on the GOP in the next couple of weeks because if I don’t find a reasonable candidate, then I won’t be voting at all.  I’ll just be stalking the ENG news vehicles instead and be sitting on the sidelines.