A Little Disclaimer

Originally Posted on The Hopeless Autistic as a page on January 3rd, 2016 at 5:58 pm ET

The views and opinions expressed on this site comes from an individual of an autistic disorder (PDD-NOS) of an Independent registered political affiliation with no influence of any corporation, non for profit or even government entities. If any conflicts of interest, it will be disclosed under State and Federal laws. I do not offer any legal, medical or psychological advice. I do not intend to steer any individual or family member any which direction. I stride to be fair and objective in any opinion piece.

My family was aware of this site in 2016; I don’t ask for their support for my work; as well as any other affiliated persons or organizations. These opinions are my own and my own only. Anyone who I know who follows this site should assume that I have my own opinions and yeah I post it to the world, that doesn’t mean they are endorsing or encouraging. My work is my matter is my business. It enables my empowerment of my own voice.

To quote the local TV stations (in Boston that is) infamous line at the end of many vintage public affairs programs. Any views or opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of my employer, WordPress.com, any special interest groups, corporations, or any other government or non government agency.