Autism Isn’t Hopeless (HA!)

2017 Update: The cases of autism rose at the same time everyone was getting online, which was why I was trying on another project to find Y-O-Y numbers of IP connected devices around that same time.

In a process of researching the rise of autism and the rise of the Information age, I’ve been trying to ascertain specific numbers in each year since about CY 1990 to present. However such statistics such as public IP addresses and year-over-year numbers of autism isn’t the most easiest task with a single search engine with a few minutes.

One of the research I did was searched “autism statistics over the last 25 years”. While this website didn’t go much places for me (since afterall it is the National Autism Association lead by hippies who believe those goddamn vaccinations caused their kids autism) the last bullet point blew me away on the “Facts & Stats” section.

  • Autism is treatable, not a hopeless condition

Excuse me while I laugh out loud. Try talking to an almost 29 year old who basically lost his twenties and will never get it back thanks to multiple parties who clearly knew everything about autism treatment to moderate functioning groups to then have unintended consequences as adults. It’s so freckin’ pitiful that people to this day think there’s “hope”.

Our country is falling apart, our SL&Gs are broke, some school districts and area agencies  have no interests in a partnership to help these “children” succeed as adults. Whose looking out for your kid – wether s/he is a kid or an adult? Whose looking out for me? Whose looking out for the autistic population in America, it can’t be the Presidant? Am I going to fall victim of loosing funding, or having a worse quality of life? Whose going to reverse the “Managed Care” scam in my state, other than established Democrats? 

What’s so saddening to see is in a decade, there still has yet been real tangible result for the younger generation.  If you have visited this site already, you know my situation.

I’m already hungover from 2015 leading into 2016. Early indications are showing a rough start in my personal life. I already predict Hillary to win the Presidency by buying votes as of this writing on December 21st. There is so much going on in this world, never would I let it scare me, but it seems to be the last two presidential elections, things scare me to death. Even if Trump gets the office, he will demonize autism since he has been buddies with his former boss at the network at 30 Rock and Autism Speaks, and if you thought Presidant Obama was looking out for autistics, then you’re so naive.. And 2016 is no different no less, and whoever gets the Oval Office, I think any autistic will have a hopeless future.