Too Bright or Under Broken?

2017 Preface: I basically fell from the lies preached by Autism Speaks, the National Autism Association, and even “publications” like the Age of Autism.I for one felt that my autism was a physical condition, but getting test results for a human type of hexadecimal/machine codes and other things that wouldn’t show much difference wouldn’t help me in the long run. My therapist has told on a number of occasions that it’s a difference in brain processing. 

I for one recommend people to steer away from these organizations to begin with, They are preaching religion at the price of human happiness. 

I’ve continued to refrain from expressing what makes me happy, by explaining what doesn’t make me happy. I live in a populated area of society and I try to assimilate, instead of forcing people to say “I’m special, you’ll like me no matter what.”

As previously mentioned, I like a lot of different things and I thought intelligence was important. As I’ve been as closer to the “real world”* for nearly 10 years, and of those 10 years I’ve learned how narrow minded people really are. Not in acceptance, but in interests and career paths. People tend to focus on one subject, or work with a single demographic are are not open to understand subjects outside their “comfort zone.”

*relevant to developmental disabilities has been coined by “Dr.” Teresa Bolick of Westford Massachusetts, whose also a childhood psychologist in New Hampshire

In relevant to special needs services, I’ve learned that being too bright during the intake period of 2007-08 was dangerous. It continues to haunt me even being in a completely different system.

I’ve tried to do the right things, I just follow what other bright people do, but the ignorance of the special needs sector plus the autistic community’s very rigid agenda, how can I integrate if everyone else is stubborn, narrow minded or racist, ableist or whatever -ist gets thrown at you if you disagree.

In short, I’m not sure who I am supposed to be in order to be in the general population. I’m trying to get into the Lurie Center for Autism at Mass General, to see why I’m stuck, and what direction I should go, the radical, one way thinking, single interest of high functioning autism or the more tolerant world of “normal” people. The noise on the Interwebs makes you want to go to Apple menu > Shut down…